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By Sizwe Dlamini | 2018-11-29

A man from Mangwaneni is currently in critical condition at the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by two Pigg’s Peak police officers while at the station.

The assault is said to have taken place on Saturday at the Pigg’s Peak Police Station.

Due to the fact that the incident is under investigation, the name of the victim as well as that of the two accused police officers has been withheld.

The assault victim is currently suffering from severe internal bleeding, heart seizures, the swelling of his kidneys as well as nerve damage on both his arms and legs.

Speaking to this publication before suffering a second heart seizure, the victim said  he was assaulted because he had informed members of the public that he had found a twin plug extension cord that happened to be stolen.

“The whole incident started after I found a twin plug extension on the road outside my residence at Mangwaneni. I approached two men who I informed of my discovery. The two men then informed me that there was a recent break-in at a certain house and a twin plug and other household items were stolen,” he said.

The victim went on to say that he told the two men that the owner of the twin plug should come to him later and take it.

“After talking to the two men, I went to work and came back home in the evening only to find the police van parked outside my residence. The police inside the van arrested me swiftly before I could speak and they took me for interrogation at the Pigg’s Peak Police Station. At first I was locked into a certain office,” he narrated.

The victim added that the police first asked him about the break-in and robbery whence he said he knew nothing.

 This answer then angered the police who then began the brutal assault.

“The police asked me to show them were the other stolen items were hidden and I said I did not know anything. This angered the police who assaulted me by first tying a piece of cloth around my mouth so that I cannot scream. They then hit me multiple times with fists and kicks in the stomach. I fell to the floor and the police stood on my stomach while laughing.

They then put a plastic bag over may face and thereafter sank my head into water until I passed out,” he added.


When the victim woke up he was allegedly ordered to go home to change his underwear. The victim then staggered to the nearby Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital where he fainted at the gate. The quick thinking Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital staff then admitted the individual to the male ward.

While having the interview, the assault victim suffered a bout of seizures and emergency medical staff were called into the ward to assess the situation. This medical emergency cut the interview short.

Currently, the assault victim is still in critical condition with medical practitioners saying he might lose his life due to the multiple internal injuries he allegedly suffered during the assault.

The relative was speaking to this publication at the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital minutes after the assault victim fainted yesterday.

The relative said  he and the assault victim had reported the alleged police assault to Pigg’s Peak Station Commander Webster Methula who then opened up an assault investigation against the accused officers.

Due to the fact that police are investigating the matter, the name of the assault victim and identity of his relative have been withheld.

 The distressed relative said  Methula was of great help as he allowed the victim earlier to tell his side of the story leading up to the eventual assault.

“Methula first allowed my relative to tell his side of the story and then  asked two different police officers to record the assault statement.

 After doing this, Methula then transported me to the Pigg’s Peak Government Hospital to check on my relative.

 The station commander then promised to follow up on the incident as it was a very serious accusation that police officers have assaulted a member of the public in such a brutal and life threatening manner,” he added.

Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Phindile Vilakati confirmed the  incident and said police were investigating the matter.

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