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About Us

The Swazi Observer Newspaper Group was established in 1981 and is 100% owned by Tibiyo Taka Ngwane, a Swazi Nation company that is a major player in the Economic development of the country with investments in all the sectors of the economy.

It is managed by a professional team of managers and reports directly to the Board of Directors which is appointed by the shareholder, namely:

  1. Mr. S'thofeni Ginindza - Chairman
  2. HRH Prince Mandla - Board Member
  3. Mr Simanga Simelane - Board Member
  4. HRH Princess Phumelele - Board Member
  5. Chief Mashampu Sifiso Khumalo - Board Member
  6. Mrs. Dumsile L Sigwane - Board Member
  7. Mr Andreas Nkabinde - Secretary 

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to produce daily fair-minded, well-crafted journalism that helps readers to understand their environment. To inform and educate on forces that shape our age from business to political, economic, social and cultural issues.”

Vision Statement
To be the leader in the dissemination of quality news and information.


  • Strict adherence to professional and ethical behavior
  • Zero tolerance to corruption
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and innovation
  • No excuses
  • Teamwork and respect


  • The newspaper is distributed throughout the entire 4 regions of the country in both rural and urban areas
  • The market share of the readership is approximately 50% of the Print Media Market
  • It is published seven times a week; Monday to Sunday
  • It is read by all age groups from the youngest school going child to the elderly


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