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By Lungelo Nkambule | 2018-04-16

FOLLOWING a recommendation by acting Senate President Ngom’uyayona Gamedze, senators will each fork out E500 towards the much anticipated golden jubilee celebrations on Thursday.

Addressing the senators, Gamedze, who has been presiding over proceedings since Gelane Zwane lost her husband, said it would be unfortunate if they did not donate something towards such a big event.

He said the Executive arm of government needed all the help it could get to make the day a success, hence senators must not be left out in doing what he termed as ‘playing their part’.

“Senators it would be unfortune if we didn’t offer a little of what we have towards the big event that we have as a country, so senators I will be advised by you on a way forward,” he said.

Senator Prince Fipha said this was a brilliant idea by Gamedze and it must be deliberated more in caucus.

“Can I suggest that we talk more about it after the sitting. It is a great idea and we thank you for reminding us, it would have been a misfortune if none of us had remembered,” he said.

  Information gathered from other senators is that it was decided at the caucus that each senator will contribute at least E500 towards the 50/50 celebrations. “It was agreed that each senator will fork out E500 which is about E15 000 in total because we are 30,” a senator said.

The senators join other individuals and companies who have come forward and offered to help the committee concerned with putting the event together.

 The Resource Mobilisation Committee, which was tasked by the ministry of home affairs with mobilising funds towards making the event a success, revealed that at least 50 companies had offered monetary donations while others had offered donations in kind which could be delivered to the principal secretary in the ministry of home affairs.

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