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By Bongiwe Dlamini | 2024-04-20

His Majesty King Maswati III has thanked Emaswati for their support, love and the gift of peace.  

Speaking during his 56th birthday celebration that was held at Mankayane sports ground yesterday, the king said the past year had been a journey filled with possibilities, challenges and success for him.

Through it all, His Majesty said he was grateful to God for the gift of life and good health, and further appreciated the nation for celebrating his special day with him.

He said national celebrations always bring the nation and the monarchy closer together, which helped in strengthening peace and stability in the country.

Addressing the throngs of well-wishers who turned out in the small Mankayane town, His Majesty said commemoration events such as his birthday celebration displayed an essential attribute of Eswatini’s exclusive monarchical democracy.

“We thank the Almighty God for preserving and honouring us with unity of purpose last year, as well as protecting our national heritage,” stated the king.

He added that his birthday celebration also served as a reminder of the nation’s core values as it honoured and celebrated the country’s leadership as a source of national pride, as well as Emaswati’s unity and identity.

On another note, the king highlighted that every year; the only gift he asked for from Emaswati was that of peace, which he said was the most precious of all. For the love of the king and the country’s leadership, His Majesty said the nation had been able to give this gift to him.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for honouring me with this wish. As a result of peace, the country has been able to refocus on its primary goal of improving on the sustainable development goals (SDGs),” he said.

Adding, His Majesty said as the world geared up to commemorate the 2024 International Peace Day whose theme was, ‘Actions for Peace: Our Commitment to the #GLOBALGOALS,’ Emaswati must emerge as a light for the world.

He said the theme encouraged the nation to pursue the SDGs with passion and dedication as they were key to addressing issues that contribute to the world’s lack of peace.

Taking into account all the strife and tensions in the world, he said Emaswati should continue to work together and serve as a beacon of hope for humanity by taking the initiative in fulfilling global peace.

“When faced with different views, let us keep our essential values of tolerance, humility, dialogue, and respect in all our efforts. We, therefore, urge the global community and all of its agencies to make every effort to achieve our SDGs and resolve conflicts as quickly as possible in order to prevent future loss of human life,” stated the king.

Mankayane govt hospital lauded for best services

The spectacular health services offered at Mankayane Government Hospital have been acknowledged by His Majesty King Mswati III.

He said individuals who seek medical care had been happy with the facility. He also urged the healthcare workers at the hospital to continue their commitment to improving services, care and support. 

“The nation’s good health is an important component of progress, and we thank the government for allocating a significant percentage of the national budget to address the concerns identified by the nation, particularly during Sibaya,” said the king.

He added that no budget will ever be enough to address all of the country’s health issues, but he encouraged healthcare workers to make every cent matter by giving patients hope.

Sicunusa-Nhlangano road delivered

Infrastructure development that was delivered for Mankayane has positively changed the face of the town and improved people’s lives.

These developments include the construction of Sicunusa-Nhlangano road which had been a headache for road users and residents of Mankayane, Nhlangano and Sicunusa. His Majesty King Mswati III officially unveiled some of the development projects during his 56th birthday celebration.

He said in the past he had received reports that the Mankayane-Sicunusa road was badly damaged that not only commuters had difficulty accessing it, but emergency vehicles like ambulances.

It was for this reason that the road construction project was launched. Although the road is still to be marked in order for the construction to be complete, the king said he was happy when he was told that motorists can now easily access it.

He even light-heartedly said the road is so smooth such that one can even sip on a hot beverage without fearing to be burnt as there are no longer bumps and potholes that had previously been a problem for road users.

“The construction of the road has benefitted other government facilities like the clinic at Magubheleni whose road has been tarred from the highway to the clinic.

This will make the movement of both members of the public and the clinic’s staff easy,” he averred.The king said in addition to the new road, government had constructed a mini taxi and public transport terminus in Nhlangano, which had greatly benefitted some factory workers and the public transport operators at Nhlangano.

Another project that government had carried out was the resurfacing and construction of drainages along the road from Luyengo to Mhlabubovu circle.

The king said this facelift would improve the movement of public transport and the general public at large.
With all these developments left at the hands of the Emaswati, the king implored them to take good care of them.

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