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By Lungelo Nkambule | 2018-04-05

The Resource Mobilisation Committee has given companies and individuals who want to make monetary donations towards the King’s Birthday and 50 years of independence celebrations, which will take place in 15 days, until next Tuesday to make these donations.

Speaking during a media briefing, Chairperson of the committee Cleopas Dlamini encouraged all those who wanted to make these donations to do so in the next six days.  He said this would in turn give the ministry of home affairs, which is putting the event together, time to pay suppliers and also follow through on orders that had already been paid.

“We are pleased with the response we have received from the public and we would like to encourage all those who had indicated they would make monetary sponsors and further made pledges to kindly deposit the money into the Standard Bank account created specifically for this project.  We kindly request that all these donations are made by April 10, that is the deadline for making monetary donations. We have set a deadline because this money will go mainly towards preparing for these celebrations, that is venue preparations, entertainment, amongst others and most of these things are delivered upon full payment, hence we need the money to be given to government so all these things are done,” he said.

Dlamini said so far there were around 50 companies that had made pledges and also made the donations.

He said this was an impressive response from the public and further urged more individuals and companies to also lend a helping hand.  “We appreciate the response we have received from the public and further urge others to come forward,” he said.  Dlamini pointed out that individuals and companies that made the donations did this from the goodness of their hearts not because they had been coerced like some people purported.

Meanwhile, members of the public who would like to give His Majesty King Mswati III gifts for his birthday will get a chance on a date to be announced.

 “We know that there are those who want to make specific contributions like birthday gifts to His Majesty; they will have a chance to hand the gifts to him on a date that will be announced. The date, however, will be after the celebrations and it will be communicated to the public,” he said.

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