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By Lungelo Nkambule | 2018-04-03

His  Majesty King Mswati III has urged the electorate to apply their minds when going to the polls this year.

His Majesty, who was delivering a sermon on Sunday at the Somhlolo National Stadium during the Easter service, said it was important that people ask for God’s guidance when heading to the polls so they elect into Parliament individuals that will serve them and the nation.

His Majesty told Christians that God’s guidance would help clear their minds and further make the right decisions. His Majesty’s sermon comes a couple of months before the country heads to the polls to elect the 11th Parliament.  His Majesty has on many occasions warned people to be wary of those campaigning for parliamentary seats and urged the electorate to make sober decisions when they get to the polls for the betterment of the country.  The ‘Bishop of Bishops’ as praise singers referred to him, gave the last sermon at the service that was attended by thousands of Christians. His Majesty said the Easter service was for remembering the power of God and the role of the cross, hence people must completely rely on God for everything, especially wisdom.  He further reminded the congregants that all their wishes could come true only if they had faith and hope.  “This year the nation will be heading to the polls and one prays and hopes that people will apply their minds when voting. A clear mind is found in God, if you seek God’s guidance, he will help you elect the right people. If you apply your mind, then you will elect people that are of Godly character and will be able to serve the electorate, the country and God,” His Majesty said. He said indivuals who served God were trustworthy people who were capable of serving the nation diligently.

 Weaklings run to alcohol, drugs- King

His Majesty King Mswati III described people who turn to the waters of immortality and drugs when facing problems as weaklings who are unaware of the power of God.

Delivering his sermon at the Somhlolo National Stadium during the Easter service, His Majesty said it was true that from time to time, people could face hardships but that didn’t mean that God was no longer there as he was just making one a stronger being.

He pointed out that some people fell off the wagon when they came across trials and tribulations and turned to alcohol and drugs.  “Weaklings turn to drugs and alcohol when faced with hardships and forget the power of God. These are unwise people of little faith. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, you must carry the rugged cross at all times because that is where your prosperity is, that is where your life is,” he said.

His Majesty pointed out that the country boasts 50 years of independence because its populace had continued to carry the rugged cross and kept eyes firm on God.  He stated that it hadn’t been a great and easy 50 years but because of the faith of the nation, the country was boasting 50 years of peace, stability, happiness and prosperity.

“We are celebrating 50 years of independence because God has kept us and brought us this far and, therefore, we must not lose sight of what God has done for us. We must stick with God always,” he said.  His Majesty also urged the nation to continue carrying the rugged cross through to 2022 if that vision was to come true.  He said the only way the country could acquire the first world status, was if God was still on its side.  “We must carry the rugged cross right through to 2022 and not leave it after celebrating the golden jubilee. We must always remember that a nation that serves and honours God is always blessed and is respected the world over,” he said.

His Majesty further said it would carry the nation to 2022.

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