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By KHETSIWE KHUMALO | 2024-04-20

BEAUTY Pageant Eswatini Chairman, Sandra Ismail, officially passed over the Miss Eswatini title to first princess Shanice Mamba yesterday. Ismail said the first princess would take the title and the responsibilities that follow, as she crowned her before the media and guests.

“We are proud to announce Shanice Mamba as our new Miss Eswatini and Fezile Mthupha as the first princess. The changes follow the sudden departure of our queen Tania Nunn. Nunn has received a great opportunity to study abroad, hence she stepped down,” said Ismail.

This was revealed at the press briefing held at the Eswatini National Council of Arts and Culture (ENCAC) offices in Manzini. Mamba received a warm welcome from ENCAC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Stanley Dlamini. Dlamini wished Nunn all the best as she journeys to pursue her studies overseas.

“We look forward to working with Mamba as she takes over the responsibilities of being the country’s beauty queen and advocate for young females,” he said.

The CEO then officially handed over the directorship of Miss Eswatini 2024 to Oukitel Eswatini. Dlamini stated that he was excited to have a company organise Miss Eswatini after years of having the pageant being administered by individuals.

“The one mistake we have done was to have looked for individuals to take the responsibility of handling a national beauty pageant,” said Dlamini. mistakes He stated that the office had seen their past mistakes and had now found a brand that could carry the integrity of the pageant and succeed.

“We are very happy to have found a partner that will help in resuscitating Miss Eswatini to match the standards of other national pageants in Africa and abroad. The council is also ecstatic to have been able to wait for the right brand for the position and can hardly wait to see what Oukitel has in store for us,” said Dlamini.

He stated that they were confident that the company would do exceptionally well after the council had engaged in a series of discussions with the company and studied their presentation for the success of the country’s beauty pageant.

“After having seen Oukitel’s proposal we are quite confident that they will run the Miss Eswatini pageant and take the brand further,” said Dlamini. grateful Oukitel’s Business Analyst Zanzi Nxumalo said the company was grateful to get involved in something new and exciting, such as organising Miss Eswatini 2024.

She stated that the company was excited to be involved in this new journey. “We welcome the partnership and we are excited for it as we are a brand that is trying to grow its name. This is a great opportunity and we hope we will run the pageant well and exceed everyone’s expectations,” said Nxumalo.

She further said any updates of Miss Eswatini 2024 would be shared. Nxumalo welcomed last year’s participants to join when they open registration again and advised that this would happen after they have officially launched the pageant. rugged Oukitel is among the companies that manufacture rugged electronics, rugged smartphones, rugged tablets and commercial smartphones.

The company has been active in the arts space as they supported Mr Eswatini and Miss Cultural Heritage last year. Oukitel also partnered with local female spinners; Trend Twins and DJ Ash.

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