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His Majesty King Mswati III has declared unreservedly that the ‘demonic elements’ perpetrating disharmony and disrespect among Emaswati will be eliminated in this new year.

The King made these remarks when dispersing regiments at Ngabezweni Royal Residence yesterday afternoon to officially mark the end of the annual Incwala ceremony.

He admitted that besides the COVID-19 effects along with the global economic challenges, Eswatini was still faced with elements that continued to instill discomfort among the citizens by burning properties and killing people in the past year (2022).

“Some people even boasted that they would disturb the Incwala ceremony as if it is theirs, but I am happy that their wishes did not come true because the ceremony was a huge success. Some have even given themselves the authority to burn properties and kill people. This must come to an end this year because it is clear that we have mentally disturbed people in our midst, who are possessed by demons.

“What is puzzling is that when the country tries to correct the demons by reiterating to their actions, those very same people start telling their friends that Eswatini now has mercenaries. Whoever continues with this demonic behaviour will face the consequences this year,” the King warned.

Adding, His Majesty said it was shocking that orphans were now being recruited to take part in the burning of properties and killing of people.

“This is not a good thing at all because as far as I know, orphans have an allocated budget to assist them in the country, yet they have chosen to put themselves in the danger of being killed. As a nation, let us not promote demonic behaviour as this will not be allowed this year.”
The King further took his time to preach about respect among citizens of this country, stating that this is what Emaswati are known for. He praised regiments who braved the scorching heat yesterday to attend the event.

“I am happy to see respect among Emaswati because we are known to be respectful people, not those who are possessed by demons. Seeing Emabutfo coming in such big numbers today is a sign of their respect for culture and customs of this great nation. Respect will help the country to prosper because even God will recognise such.

“Let it be known that evil people will also pay for their evil ways. Where there is prayer, God is always there and let me encourage the nation to exercise respect in this new year and choose the Bible over money as advised by previous kings of this great nation. That way, God will ensure that our country gains prosperity.

We are already on the right track to grow our economy to ensure that the lives of Emaswati improve,” he said.

He sounded confident that 2023 promises to be a year of nothing but success for the kingdom despite the past challenges that impacted negatively on the economy.
“The focus remains to take the country to first world status. The United Nations (UN) already has a programme to assist Eswatini achieve this milestone, especially the youth. This will not be difficult,” he said.

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