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By Sicelo Maziya | 2017-11-04

Female pupils at Dvokolwako High face the torture of being subjected to indecent body searches by their only male security guards at the school’s main gate.

The girls confided to the Observer on Saturday that they were on a daily basis subjected to indecent searches by the male security guards who touch their breasts and their prized assets, vaginas.

On visit to Dvokolwako, however, the school administration strongly denied the allegations despite that the school only has male security guards.

A female pupil disclosed  “the security man demanded to do thorough body search, teasingly touching my breasts claiming I’m hiding a phone in my breasts and he even touched my private parts saying we hide them in our undies.” The pupil revealed that it was a terrifying moment but after talking to a friend about the ordeal she was able to deal with the shock because she said she was also once subjected to such as well. The girls also revealed that she later heard otherson a bus complaining about the security searching them by fondling their private parts.

An Observer on Saturday snap interview with the girls resulted in mixed reactions, some would confirm with conviction and some seemed scared yet sounded aware of the shenanigans of the guards.

One of the pupils interviewed just before boarding iNawe Ngwane Bus Services said: “we are searched by all male security guards at the school,  that is not appropriate. Those guards sometimes go overboard, forcing their hands to the wrong parts of our bodies saying we hide phones in our breasts and underwear.”

Other learners interviewed at the bus station tended to differ as one from Mjekuza claimed ignorance of the allegations, saying: “I cannot confirm that such is happening because it has never happened to me. All I know is that they search only our bags when we enter the school gate.”


Those at the nearby grocery shop said: “It is wrong, the school must at least hire two female guards as well so the searches could be appropriate for girls. It’s possible the guards may be tempted to touch the wrong parts. It’s not likely any learner will be able to report and defend themselves as they can put themselves on the spotlight. The guards will come out to claim that all they were doing was search for barred gadgets or materials. The school needs to sort itself out of the wrongs before more damage is done.”

On the other hand, boys who were interviewed next to the school gate claimed they were not aware of the unprofessional conduct of the security guards “because we don’t take interest in the female search as we are also against such spot searches ourselves. It’s possible, but we are not aware after all these are men and they might take advantage of the girls. All we know is that most of the phones are being confiscated from the girls and it’s highly likely they grab them from there.”

The girls who reported the irregularity were called to clarify why they did not report the security personnel to the school authorities and they stood by their story saying it will be suicidal to report to school authorities because it would definitely result in them being victimised more by the security guards. The learners disputed as untrue that teachers were always at the gate during the searches.

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