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By Zwelihle Sukati | 2020-06-20

Ezulwini caregivers have vowed to discontinue with the registration exercise for the cash transfer programme, if the registration is indeed to start afresh.

They say they cannot withstand another bout of insults, ridicule and accusations from the community as has been the case.

The registration exercise has been marred with a lot of controversy, wherein some of the needy and deserving people were left out, only for the E700 cash to be received by some civil servants,  landlords and some law enforcement officers who were registered under questionable circumstances.

The programme has been so problematic for the Lobamba Inkhundla to such an extent that the Non-governmental organisation, Caritas, which was responsible for the data uploading, threw in the towel.

On Thursday, the National Disaster and Management Agency (NDMA) announced Save the Children as the new organisation to take over from Caritas.

What also transpired is that some landlords, with over 10 tenants, had registered even their tenants as beneficiaries of the fund which is meant to alleviate hunger during the COVID-19 outbreak.

In another situation, some people would get notification that they had received the money from the Fund only to be declined when withdrawal was attempted, due to lack of funds on the sender’s mobile money account.

“The NDMA will tomorrow (today) meet the caregivers from around Ezulwini at 1pm on the issue,” confirmed Lobamba Constituency Headman Bhekisisa Bhembe.

Bhembe said if indeed it is agreed that the registration exercise be started afresh, the Ezulwini caregivers said they will not be part of that process.

“One suggestion is that should that be the case, community police will be engage to take over.”  

What was also highlighted as another issue was that some people who registering as beneficiaries but did not have mobile money accounts.

Instead, they would then register another person’s cell phone number which was registered for Mobile Money.

“Unfortunately, when transfer is made and the name does not correspond with the registered mobile money account holder, the system will reject the named beneficiary,” it was explained.

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