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By MBONO MDLULI | 2020-03-15

The woman who tested positive for the COVID-19 pandemic, which is known as coronavirus, is in a stable condition.

This was said by Minister of Health Lizzie Nkosi yesterday at Cabinet offices in Mbabane, during a press briefing convened by Prime Minister Ambrose MandvuloDlamini. Nkosi said the lady was currently kept at Lubombo Referral Hospital, where she was monitored. The minister said currently, they were tracing the contacts of the lady and they would continue trace her contacts at her work place. They would then trace every person she has been in contact with in Lesotho, but the main focus would be in this country, so that they could be able to make further tests, if necessary.

She did not want to go into details with some particulars of the lady. She said she could not reveal her identity because she did not feel that was necessary. She said even the number of her children was not necessary because she had many contacts.

Nkosi said they would be having the right information concerning this tomorrow.  The minister stated that for now, they were still trying to cooperate with the 33-year-old lady to tell them the details of the people she had been in contact with before being tested positive for coronavirus.

The minister appealed to the nation not to panic because of the situation. She said it could happen that the government would test 50 more people for coronavirus, but that would not mean the nation should panic. It was natural for any person to be in contact with so many people.

She stated that the lady in question was able to do whatever she wanted and they had to give her a chance to tell them each and every person she contacted.  She told the nation that having this disease did not mean that as a person, one was going to die.

The international death rate concerning this disease was at less than five per cent. It was still very low for any person to panic about it. The minister further thanked all stakeholders for ensuring that they helped the ministry of health and the entire government during this time.

She mentioned that the private sector was very instrumental in making sure that the message about coronavirus was spread. The minister stated that some companies supplied pamphlets to the ministry to spread the message.

The minister further thanked Southern Star for providing rubber gloves for people to protect themselves as the fight against the virus continued.

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