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By MBONO MDLULI | 2020-03-15

It is advisable for Emaswati to stop big gatherings until the coronavirus situation is contained.

This was said by Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini yesterday, during a press conference on the coronavirus, which was convened at Cabinet Offices, Hospital Hill in Mbabane. Dlamini said the coronavirus disease, which is also known as the COVID-19, spread rapidly among people who were together in large crowds.

He advised the nation to ensure that they kept a distance of a metre and above away from each other  in order to avoid the disease.

 He further thanked House on Fire for taking a bold step of postponing the renowned BushFire Festival, which was supposed to take place in May this year. The event was postponed on Friday to next year.

The premier further thanked Eswatini Football Association and its members for taking a decision to cancel football games that were slated for this weekend.  He did not forget thanking the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) for postponing the Intervarsity Games. Dlamini said the decision taken by these organisations were patriotic and they showed that they wanted to work with the nation by stopping their activities. The prime minister said it was wise for Emaswati to avoid activities like handshaking, hugging and other activities that required people to touch one another.

 Dlamini said it was also important for Emaswati to wash their hands regularly using soap and running water. They should also wash their hands using alcohol-based sanitisers.

He pleaded with Emaswati to ensure they visited nearest health facilities whenever they felt some flu-like symptoms. Dlamini said the virus stayed on surfaces, so it was advisable for Emaswati to ensure they avoid touching surfaces. If they happened to have touched them, they should avoid touching sensitive body parts such as eyes, nose, and mouth without having washed those hands.

He said if Emaswati needed any medical assistance, they should call 977.

He further pleaded with Emaswati to ensure that they took extra care of vulnerable groups like the elderly people. He said those people were the ones that needed to be protected the most.

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