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By By Sabelo Majola and Mphikeleli Msibi | 2019-01-11

RENOWNED Mbabane lawyer Sidumo Mdladla has allegedly tried to defraud his employers, Swazi Mobile, E25 million, which he secretly transferred to his bank account.

Mdladla was served with a letter dated yesterday (10 January 2019) where late businessman Victor Gamedze’s wife Lungile Gamedze demanded that Mdladla resigns as Legal Advisor at Swazi Mobile before the close of business today on multiple fraud allegations including the secretly transferred money. The letter was also copied to the Chief Justice, the Attorney General, the King’s Office, the Master of the High Court and the Assistant Master of the High Court Siteki.

Mdladla is said to have secretly transferred the said amount from Victor Gamedze’s account into his personal account and when Gamedze’s wife got wind of the lawyer’s alleged despicable act, she persistently badgered him for a statement of the bank account but for fear of exposing his backside, Mdladla allegedly declined to cooperate and only came to the party after he had transferred the money back to the bank.

“For the record, from the outset you cunningly tried to put assets of the Trust(s) into the estate; your apparent stratagem was to inflate the value of the estate and as a consequence exponentially increase the commission /fee that will accrue to you. As a gesture of friendship, my late husband appointed you Legal Advisor to Swazi Mobile (not on merit necessarily). However, you have woefully failed to reciprocate by showing a modicum of appreciation and gratitude,” reads part of the letter.

In the letter, Gamedze’s wife stated that she appointed Mdladla as the Executor of her late husband’s estate out of trust, goodwill and he took due to account, the enduring friendship that he had with the late businessman.

“However, you have been mischievously acting, in brazen disdain of your mandate, which inherently entails and engenders utmost good faith, honesty and irreproachable integrity. It has been very disconcerting that for self-serving reasons you have been shamelessly and for self-serving reasons, taking instructions from the third parties, who have no demonstrable interest in the estate, to my prejudice and that of the other beneficiaries (my daughters). Needless to say, I have been deeply hurt and disappointed by your dastardly deeds,” she said.

When contacted yesterday, Mdladla confirmed to have received the court papers from Gamedze’s wife.

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