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By Ayanda Dlamini | 2018-08-11

 Most people at one point in time must have considered being a model. Modeling is one of the very few jobs where you are rewarded for being beautiful and for having a good body.

 Flashing lights and cameras, red carpets, and the runways are some of thethings that come with being a fashion model. These are just some of the reasons most young people spend their youth learning how to become a model.

Modelling career exposes you to a whole new world where you get to learn different types of things. Through modelling, you get to learn about health and fitness since you are expected to maintain an excellent body and your health too. You also get to learn to build your confidence and also good communication skills. These lessons can easily be incorporated in your other careers once you are done with modelling that is a short term career. Sometimes models get to learn different languages and this adds up to the advantages of being a model.

As a model, you get a lot of projects that may require you to travel whether domestically or internationally. Fashion modelling can be a very demanding job where you get to travel a lot to different places and at times around the globe depending on the various projects. The company you work for pays for all your travel expenses and you get an even bigger allowances when you get a job with international agencies. Travelling allows you to see and interact with people from different walks of life.

  Today we have Model Sakhile, such a beautiful soul inside out.  She says Modelling chose her. I agree with that. She oozes confidence in and off camera.

“I’m just a basic girl with normal girl problems (laughs). I give off the energy I get (if I get moody vibes that’s what I give,” she says.

“I’ll be cliche and say ‘modelling chose me’. I love modelling because it loves me too, It’s in line with my future plans, It’s in line with my persona, It’s just in line with almost every part of my life, sort of like a calling or something.

“I basically want to be a model because it allows me to explore it. It allows me to go insane through it. It allows me to be anything or anyone I want to be through it. It’s my free space where I am the most creative and inspired.”

 You would swear she went for a modelling course the way she does her thing on camera.

“Well, I haven’t had the luxury of attending any modelling classes. I’m not sure if we have any locally, but even if we did, my current financial set-up wouldn’t accommodate it. I do  my fairshare of online research if I have the resources and it has helped me a whole lot.”

 She is a go-getter, she dreams big.  In future, she is looking forward to own her very own Fashion Magazine. Go Girl! She sees herself progressing so well in this field.

“My goals are my own Fashion Magazine currently,  but goals change like the weather, so I’m quite flexible for as long as whatever deal is in line with what I have in mind or with what I am trying to build.

I honestly see myself progressing beautifully in this field. My progress is slow on purpose, I am trying to explore every corner so that by the time I hit the big field, I really really really have mastered the art.

I am definitely in no hurry for any break through; I am just taking my time, moulding myself and my confidence because I also need to remember that like any other field, modelling has challenges too. I don’t want to be feeling threatened by the prettier girls with smooth skin, I just want to know myself entirely and embrace my flaws fully as if they were perfect.”

Future goals...

I have fashion related goals as well, a clothing line, but I am still working on the logistics. It’s really hard out here, gathering resources is not easy and it doesn’t have to be, so I ‘No pressure, no diamonds’. My greatest strength as a model is that I can literally be whatever the client wants be to be from simple girl next door to serious unrecognizable androgyny. I am very fluid when it comes to modelling.

Any challenges at the studio

“Well, fortunately for me, the photographers I’ve worked with just let me take charge in front of the camera, I work well with them. But if a situation like that would occur, I’d just take the ropes and direct myself and if he doesn’t like my direction, I walk.

Obviously not every photographer will like my style and poses, and if they don’t it’s either I walk or they do. And if I continue with the shoot, I definitely won’t post those pictures on my platforms.”

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