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By Sizwe Dlamini | 2018-03-05

TWO police officers had to fire nine warning shots in the air to disperse an angry mob that was baying for their blood after trying to close a bar that was operating outside stipulated hours.

The incident happened at midnight outside the popular Pholani Bar in Pigg’s Peak last Friday.

The names of the police officers are known to this publication but have been withheld pending an arrest of the aggressors.

Speaking to this publication on Saturday, well-placed sources said the police officers had gone to the bar to try and close it as its official operating time had elapsed.

“The bar is supposed to cease operations at 12 midnight but due to the fact that it was month end, the owners decided to take a chance.

They allowed the bar to continue operations because the patrons were loaded with cash, unfortunately, this idea then backfired horribly resulting in the Pigg’s Peak police arriving at the scene to shut the bar down for the night,”said the source. The source added: “While trying to close the bar, one of the police officers then decided to try and arrest an unruly individual who was disturbing the peace.

This did not go down well with the patrons because the individual then called his friends who surrounded the police officer. The mob then told the police to retreat and drive off and the policeman heeded the warning and drove away in haste while some started throwing beer bottles at the retreating police van.”  However, he continued that as some charged towards the police officers, they had to fire warning shots in the air to ward off the angry mob.

When asked for comment, Chief  Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Khulani Mamba said the report of such an incident had not reached his office at the time of compiling this report.

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