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By Setsabile Nkambule | 2020-06-30


KING Terry alongside his brothers Wandile and Sasa have started their own YouTube channel known as the ‘Bhengu Boiz’.

King Terry stated that the idea on the Vlog began in order to keep emaSwati entertained during the lockdown.

“As there is so much happening in the world right now that we’ve always spoken about and we’ve managed to put a little humour in even the hardest topics, a lot of people have told us we deserve a reality show so we figured why not. We chose to do it now because we are spending a lot of time together, so there is a lot of creativity flowing between us, with music, videos and now with vlogs,” he said

The b

rothers have since released their first episode already introducing the Vlog to people. Terry said the reception from the first episode has been great, as they were not sure how people would take it but instead people loved it.

He said their only hope was to give the world great world class content.

“We want to grow the industry as a whole, not just for ourselves but all content creators around the country. To make people keep up with trends and deliver content that transcends just the kingdom. We will not disclose much as yet, but we want people to subscribe to the channel and we will keep the surprises coming,” he said.

He  mentioned that people should expect surprises as they would be looking at one topic at the time.


“We have a long list of topics to cover as brothers and as individuals. It ranges from family dynamics to funny life stories, we don’t want to reveal too much too soon because we actually want viewers to want to see it as much as we want to show them,” he said.




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