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By Setsabile Nkambule | 2019-09-11

BE careful and report!

These were warnings coming from Eswatini National Council of Art and Culture (ENCAC) and Eswatini Music Association (SWAMA) following the ongoing sexual allegations made by   women on Eswatini on social media including that of a female artist who revealed sexual advances by her manager.

SWAMA President Melusi Zox Dlamini stated that this came as a shock to them as an association with both female and male artists.

 He said they hope that justice would be given to the survivors.

“We are alarmed, shocked and saddened by these allegations and by all means wish we would, collectively as an industry do something to prevent such incidents from occurring,” said Dlamini

“We encourage our artists to always travel in numbers, and not be too trusting of others.  People have showed us again and again that they can’t be trusted.

Please let us also stand up and report these atrocities,” he added.

 Dlamini further advised women to report such issues as quickly as possible, as this would be of great help to enable justice to take its cause as quickly as possible.

ENCAC CEO Stanley Dlamini shared the same sentiments with SWAMA president as they were also saddened about such issues facing female artists.


“Our advice which is professional to the creator sector is that every artist must have a manager who will manage the artist’s calendar for meetings and his social appearances.

Social networks should be used as a professional gadget to help protect our artists through their manager as every artist is or has a brand to protect.

“It is essential to note that all her engagements must be professional and requires a manager to handle their image. Stay sober and alert,” he said.

The #AM_I_ NEXT started the past week in South Africa, where there were reported deaths of women from Cape Town, who lost their lives to mindless acts of gender-based violence (GBV). 

The claims calling for survivors of rape and sexual assault to go public and reveal their alleged attackers, have gained ground. Eswatini rape and Sexual harassment victims soon began speaking out, calling out their alleged violators.

One of the country’s popular photographers and an artist’s manager found themselves being the victims of this popular movement.

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