Tuesday 2018-03-20


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Minister for Information, Communications and Technology Dumisani Ndlangamandla  is accused of pushing for the reinstatement of former Swazi TV....

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Mangcongco MP Patrick ‘Pha’ Motsa is worried about a negative trend that is now affecting MPs as they do their jobs.

Motsa stoo....

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Editor's Pick of the day

JOHANNESBURG - Nine government officials have been arrested for allegedly illegally releasing 36 female parolees over a period of more than a year.....

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The Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) is once again availing a chance for the public and private sector to discuss and reflect on the recently tabled....

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government, through the ministry of agriculture, has warned farmers on the dangers of lumpy skin disease.

The warning was issued by Ministe....

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TICKETS to Nduduzo Matse’s Live CD/DVD recording are reportedly flying off the shelves.

This was revealed by the singer yesterday.

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A reluctant globetrotting model Coralee Vilakati has spoken out on pulling out of the upcoming NACAs.

The upcoming awards slated for April ....

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SOCCER - MBABANE Swallows will keep the SMVAF Ingwenyama Cup trophy for good if they beat Royal Leopard in the final on Sunday.

Swallows an....

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SOCCER - MBABANE Swallows have apologised to Royal Leopard PRO Frank Hurube after the police side’s spokesman was accused of teaming up with ....

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