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By Mbono Mdluli | 2019-07-25

Women have now lost respect for themselves and others around them in terms of their dress code in churches.

This was said by Nkwene MP Vulimpompi Nhleko during the home affairs performance debate in the House of Assembly yesterday.

Nhleko wondered why the ministry was so quiet because the indecency happening out in the open.

The MP said women dressed in skimpy clothes that would sometimes sexually arouse males in churches.

He said he understood when such clothes were worn in other places, but not in churches. The ladies’ tendencies, according to MP Nhleko, would sometimes disturb pastors when they preached the Word of God.

The Nkwene MP said this was one of the reasons why some churches would be disturbed because pastors would decide to make sexual advances towards the ladies.


He said some women were commended for having beautiful bodies and then decide to show off those bodies, which would then cause mayhem in the church. Nhleko urged the home affairs ministry to guard against that.

Mhlangatane MP Madala Mhlanga, who was chairing the debate, said it was equally important for men to control themselves when it came to this issue. He jokingly told MP Nhleko to also control his eyes and not be deceived by what they saw.

Minister of Home Affairs Princess Lindiwe stated that it was important for people to wear decently in churches.

She said hoped that Emaswati would eventually find it proper that they wear decent clothes in churches.

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