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By Bongiwe Dlamini | 2019-05-21

IT seems like the dust has settled at Mhubhe High School.

This follows that the teachers heeded the order by the Ministry of Education and Training’s Schools Manager Macanjana Motsa, that they should resume work without fail yesterday.

Information by reliable sources was to the effect that all appeared to be normal yesterday morning, as pupils and teachers were in class and it was business as usual.

From the chaos that erupted at the school about two weeks ago, this change of scenery has resulted to parents and other concerned parties heaving a sigh of relief.

The relief that things were back to normal followed panic that classes might not resume as a communicated by Swaziland National Association of Teachers (SNAT) pending a meeting the SNAT National Executive Committee were to have with the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Training Dr Sibongile Mtshali at 11am yesterday.

The meeting with the PS was scheduled after the teachers boycotted classes for two days, from the day the school was re-opened  on Thursday until Friday.


They claimed that they would not resume work until parents apologised to them for dragging all of their names in the mud.

The parents had publicly declared during a meeting with the Regional Education Officer Mlimi Mamba, that it was known that the teachers were involved in romantic relationships with female pupils, to a point where some even fell pregnant.

Some of the teachers argued that it this was not true as not all of them were involved in the sordid act of their colleagues.  To provide clarity on this issue, the teachers called for parents to name the ‘known’ abusers of power so as to clear the rest from the shame.

When sought for comment the Manzini Regional Education Officer Mamba confirmed that teachers were back at work.

He lauded them for adhering to the ministry’s call to continue with work amid that they had grievances which they wanted sorted out first.

“We appreciate the teachers for what they have done. It shows that good sense has prevailed in the issues surrounding the school,” he said.

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