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By Lusito Tsela | 2017-09-13

DESPITE the Gaborone Annual Music Festival not going according to plan, local artists Mozaik and DJ Master P have confessed to have had a great experience in the land of the Tswanas about a week ago. The festival apparently reported a number of casualties which led to the government of the country banning all music festivals there. The shutting down of the festival saw the two artists not performing but instead featured at Rap City, which is a cocktail bar at the airport junction and is one of the biggest malls in Botswana. This was revealed by the artist’s manager, who said “the experience was good, the environment is conducive to growing the creative arts as they were very welcoming to the artists as the Tswanas found to be extremely talented,” she said. revealed She revealed that Master P and Mozaik managed to secure collaborations with Softner Juliano, who is a previous Channel O Hip Hop award winner and another hip hop artist, who goes by the name of Clinton, and they both felt Swaziland has a lot to offer in the music industry. growing They further noted that the country was growing from a global perspective, musically. Over and above that, the manager confirmed that the duo will be going back to Botswana in November or month end in October but at the moment they were in the process of securing more slots at Rap City and more collaborations with the artists in Botswana.

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