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By Samkelisiwe Khoza | 2018-08-07

Take out your diaries and pens.

Now read this.

The Elections and Boundaries  Commission (EBC) has  banned  all activities that were slated for August 24 and during the day of August 25.

This is the day reserved for primary elections.

 Organisers of all events that were scheduled for during the day on August 25 are advised to strike them off the day. Events of the eve of August 24 are banned because they have a tendency to spillover to the next day and by extension would affect the primary elections.

Only events that were scheduled for the night of this particular day would survive the ban.

Explaining the ban, EBC Chairman Chief Gija said every Liswati is aware that August 25, is a day pronounced by Ingwenyama for the national primary elections therefore no event should be hosted on the same date.“All Eswatini events that are slated for the eve and the 25th of August 2018, the day of the national primary elections must be cancelled. This date was announced by His Majesty the King as primary elections day and Emaswati should respect that,” pleaded  Chief Gija. He said events such as weddings and funerals should either be shifted to earlier dates or postponed to later dates other than the 25th. He advised Emaswati to go back to their year calendar and reschedule every event scheduled for the 25th.

He said Emaswati are known for their respect and that they are expected to show that respect to one of the country’s important events and cancel any events planned for the day of the national primary elections.


“25 sonkhe siya elukhetfweni bekunene’’ meaning “on the 25th the nation will be having  primary elections  and every eligible and registered Liswati is expected to take part”.  He added that national elections are an important aspect of the country and they should be respected by all Emaswati.

“Sakha live bekunene asikuhlonipheni loko singalihlazi live,” Gija said.

However, the chairman emphasised that events slated for the night of the 25th should proceed as planned as the elections would start form 7am till 7pm. Speaking elaborately on the banning of events scheduled for the night of the 24th, Chief Gija said some Emaswati might not be able to wake up early enough the next morning in time for the elections.

“Elections are important and Emaswati are expected to go to the voting stations in time because voting would be closed by 7pm,” he added.

Gija said the national elections are a way of improving the country into a better state by 2022 which requires the support and commitment of every Liswati from the youth to the elderly. Meanwhile, Gija advised Emaswati that would have funerals that require the agency of being held on the same day of the primary elections, to report to the royal kraals for further advisory on a possible date that will not interfere with the elections.

“Funerals can be shifted to Sunday, unless the family is certain that by 5am of Saturday the burial would be over for the mourners to be able to have at least an hour to spare and prepare for the elections that will start at 7 am,” he said.

He explained that the elections are not here to violate anyone’s rights but elections require respect from every Liswati.

“Sakha kwetfu Maswati asibambisane” he said.

Events that normally dominate weekends

n Weddings

n  Lobola

n Stovel meetings

n Schools meeting

n Soccer matches

n Fundraising walks

n Funerals

n Birthday parties

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