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By Sabelo Majola | 2018-03-15

There was total pandemonium at Limkokwing University yesterday when armed police used rubber bullets, detained eight students after a class boycott turned ugly.

The rowdy students ran helter-skelter as police pursued them. Some suffered bruises as they knocked themselves against heavy objects scrambling for safety.

The students boycotted classes and took to the highway over an allegedly dysfunctional WIFI at the school, something that has delayed them from submitting their assignments on time.

Police had to come in after the students literally ‘picked’ the huge metal litterbin and placed in the middle of the road next to the market at Sidwashini (Kasani).

This gave birth to a traffic jam as motorists had to gingerly negotiate their way around the litterbin. This prompted police to spring into action and fired warning shots aimed at dispersing the rowdy students.

Members of the public were treated to a spectacle as the students and the police clashed. However, police had the last laugh as they were able to disperse the students.

There were no serious injuries but suffices to say some students were shocked to the core. They had not anticipated such a response from the police.

Reports started circulating that about eight students were detained by police. 

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology SRC member identified as Banele said they tried engaging the school’s management on the dysfunctional WIFI last week Wednesday but the feedback they got was that (management) it was busy with other significant issues.

However, the management did make means to help the situation by shifting the academic calendar by one week to make enough room for the students to finish off their assignments.

The juggling with the calendar was not enough for the students as they came to the conclusion to boycott classes and convene.

“The WIFI is not something new, we have been complaining about it but the school is doing little or nothing to help the situation. Last week was supposed to be the submission week but we couldn’t submit because there was no WIFI to help us write our assignments,” said Banele.

Banele confirmed the reports of eight students being detained.

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