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By Lungelo Nkambule | 2018-02-16

FOLLOWING a continued strike action by first year students, the Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) has suspended the student representative council president and secretary general.

The SRC SG Tiger Nxumalo and President Zamokuhle Mamba were yesterday suspended along with first year students and further ordered to vacate campus premises indefinitely.

The two unsuspecting members of the SRC were  called to the Vice Chancellor’s (vc) office with other members of the SRC where they were informed verbally that they had all been suspended.

The students, however, reportedly old the VC that this is not how things are done, where they were told to see the registrar for letters officially suspending them pending an investigation.

When the SRC got to the registrar they found only two letters, one for the president and another for the SG instead of the whole SRC.


When reached for comment,SRC President Zamokuhle Mamba confirmed that they had been suspended and that  first year students had been sent packing.

“It is true I have been suspended together with the secretary general. First year classes have been suspended as well,” he said.

Mamba narrated that they had been charged with misconduct and they were awaiting a disciplinary hearing.

“We have been suspended pending an investigation which will be followed by a disciplinary hearing,” he explained.

Mamba said they were not sure really what they had done wrong.

 “We were served with letters, we are not sure what we did wrong because everything we have done has been within our rights and have been in communication with the administration,” he said.

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