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By Tlalane Dlamini | 2024-06-04

This is the story of Abigail Kinsala, a baker with a heavy heart and a burning passion, who has been in the baking business for two and half years and is now a self-taught baker.

As an Elite Cake Baking Eswatini member, she shares her  story of flour-dusted resilience, finding solace in the simple act of creation and of proving that even the sweetest treats can rise from the ashes of hardship.

She said during Covid-19, where people were stuck at home and restaurants closed, she was one of the many, who turned to baking for comfort and entertainment.

“I have always been someone who loves baking since I was very young, I loved baking cake for special holidays, scones and muffins for visitors at home and right before the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to take my baking hobby to the next level and start learning how to decorate cakes,” she said.

Kinsala said taking your baking hobby from a fun pastime to a deeper pursuit can be incredibly rewarding in several ways: and can be incredibly rewarding.

In every industry there are hurdles that need to be crossed and there is no exception for Abigail.
she said some of the challenges she faced includediscovering her style in baking and finding her target market.

“I learnt that baking is not about just doing all the trends that come your way, rather, it is about finding your zone of comfort and mastering your art as well as growing your skill because in the end you want your cakes to be appreciated in the manner that you do them.

I have had to learn that  my target market is determined by myself and no one else, which put me in comfort zone of exposing myself to interact with different people in different  circles I felt would benefit my business,” she said.

Sharing her best practices, Abigail said that it was very important to advertise your craft, adding that advertising gets your name out there, reaching a wider audience than those who just happen to stumble upon your storefront. This translates to more potential customers and ultimately, more sales!

“Social media has also played a huge role in the growth of my business and i tried to stay consistent on social media” she said.

In closing, Kinsala said what gives her the greatest joy was seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they were presented with a finished dessert or cake, adding that it makes her a even more enthusiastic about her  craft.    

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