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Member of Parliament (MP) candidate Alec Lushaba has said the owners of Inyatsi Group of Companies have pledged to establish a foundation that would bring development which will benefit the people of Hhukwini Inkhundla.

However, there is a catch.
Lushaba, who is the managing editor of the Rubicon Media Group, would first have to win the MP seat in the constituency.

The electorates at Kasiko chiefdom, which is one of the four chiefdoms under Hhukwini, were told this yesterday during the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) organized campaign.
In the race for MP, Lushaba who comes from Lamgabhi chiefdom is competing with the erstwhile MP Nkanyenti Ngwenya from Dlangeni, Mlondi Dlamini of Kasiko and Khulekani Dlamini of Sitseni chiefdom.

Lushaba said he was working for Inyatsi Group of Companies, which owns 13 companies.
The companies include the Rubicon Group, which in turn has three publications which are  the Eswatini Financial Times (EFT), the Eswatini Daily News (EDN) and Eswatini Sunday News (ESN).

“I want to tell you that Lushaba works for Inyatsi. Inyatsi has 13 companies. When I sat down with the owners of the companies, they said they will support the Hhukwini constituency.

If Lushaba is elected, they said they will establish a foundation, which will support all the development projects of the constituency excluding the Rural Development Fund, which is E3 million per year,” he said.

Lushaba is also the former editor of Eswatini Observer and the former Media Institute of Southern Africa (Swaziland Chapter) National Governing Council chairperson.
Lushaba said he took the opprtunity to run for the elections so that he could bring development in the constituency.

He said he would also push for the accountability of the development fund while working with the structures of Bucopho and Indvuna Yenkundla.

Lushaba said these were the promises that he was prepared to oversee.
He also said he would establish an incentive for teachers and the schools in the constituency especially for Science, Mathematics and arts subjects, which would place Hhukwini on the map.

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