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By Bongiwe Dlamini | 2021-02-23

A 31-year-old man who was suspected of stealing money died gruesomely allegedly in the hands of his younger brother. Colani Wonder Ntjwele Kunene (28) of Dvokolwako under Chief Malamlela Magagula, faces a murder charge for the alleged murder of his elder brother, Vusi Nkosingiphile Kunene by strangling him with a rod before cutting his neck with a hacksaw. The incident happened last Thursday, at Croydon. Information gathered was to the effect that the accused person; Colani lost about E4 300 cash from his house situated at their parental homestead, in Dvokolwako. It was alleged that the money was proceeds made by the accused person from selling dagga. Sources said Colani only discovered that his money was missing on Tuesday and he suspected Vusi to have stolen it. Subsequently, the accused person reportedly confronted his elder brother who vehemently denied having seen the money in question. During the course of the week, the two brothers are said to have gone back and forth arguing about the money which Vusi continued to deny. It is said his brother’s responses on all these occasions did not seem to satisfy Colani who reportedly continued pestering him about it. This continued until last Thursday where, during a family meeting meant to resolve the matter, Colani tried his luck with his brother with the hope that he (Vusi) would admit to having taken the money. However, when this did not happen, the two siblings are said to have engaged in a physical altercation. Their aunt tried in vain to disengage them. Therefore, the woman reportedly raised an alarm to which neighbours responded. Unfortunately, their efforts too, to stop the fight were unsuccessful. Meanwhile, during their fight, Colani allegedly reached for a rod (lusinga) which he used to wrap around his elder brother’s neck and strangled him until he was unconscious. As if that was not enough, Colani allegedly proceeded into one of the houses at their homestead and emerged with a hacksaw which he used to cut Vusi’s neck until it was almost detached from the rest of his body. Worth noting is that all this happened in full view of helpless family members and neighbours. After the incident, Colani reportedly fled the scene and he was only apprehended on Sunday. Yesterday, Colani was at the Manzini Magistrates Court where he confessed to having committed the offence. His confession lasted for hours as it started around 10am until around 2pm. After making his confession, the accused person was remanded in custody until March 3, 2021, pending his committal to the High Court.


Police officers had to act swiftly to stop the murder accused person from attacking a female journalist. This happened after Colani was done with making his confession and was being led by police officers to a courtroom where he was to be remanded. When he left the chambers where the confession was recorded, journalists tried to photograph Colani who was quick to hide his face from the snapping cameras. He made comments against being photographed. A few minutes later, one female journalist happened to pass where Colani and two police officers were waiting before they proceeded into the courtroom. It was then that the accused person, who was handcuffed, first scanned for a camera that was hung on the journalist’s shoulder, before he pounced on her. His intention, according to the journalist, was to grab the camera. Luckily, the police quickly grabbed the accused person and called him to order. The shaken journalist was lucky to escape with just scratches on her arm. Colani cried out, stating that he was against having his pictures taken without his permission. The light-skinned accused person burst out in tears while stating how offended he was. He sat on the corridor floor and wailed. The police officers and court orderlies had to calm him down for some time before he was ready to take the accused dock.

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