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By KWANELE DHLADHLA | 2021-01-26

The Matsapha Town Council commissioned an Urban Upgrading Project in one of the government’s (farm 105) with the aim of upgrading this informal settlement into formal township.

To this end, the Municipal Council of Matsapha has presented a business opportunity for the collation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA’s) to look into the potential environmental and socio- economic impacts of the development which is located on the left hand side of the road leading to the Matsapha Airport.

In the Request for Proposals (RFP), it was explained that council was required by Eswatini Environmental Authority (EEA) to conduct this assessment and identify potential impacts that the project could result in when implemented in the township.

“The EIA will facilitate investigations that will provide an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the existing environmental effects of current activities which may cause indirect damage or harm on the environment this settlement,” explained the council which is led by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lucky Sukati.

Further unpacking the overall objective of the assignment, the municipality stated that the successful tenderer would be to identify and assess any potential significant existing adverse environmental and social impacts associated with the proposed project, assess compliance with applicable laws, determine the measures needed to prevent or minimise and mitigate the adverse impacts, and identify potential environmental and social opportunities, including those that would improve the environmental and social sustainability of the proposed undertaking.

“To this effect, the consultant shall be expected to provide a technical and financial proposal for conducting an EIA in Farm 105,” reads the RFP in part. In the scope of services for the desired consultant, it was mentioned that the environmental impact assessment for the area will be conducted as per proposed township layout plan.

It was stipulated that the EIA should assist council in determining the degree of its compliance with current procedural standards or legislation on land use planning and environmental undertakings. Also, the EIA should identify which cause direct danger or harm to the environment by determining the depth of compliance with policies on land use, socio-economic and special considerations on the environment.

Tenderers will have to provide a comprehensive compilation of specific environmental issues such as analysis of waste trends, energy, water use, public awareness on environmental issues and identify potential environmental risks relevant to the settlement being upgraded.

The consultant will also be instructed to conduct an in-depth investigation and analysis of the adverse environmental effects in a systematic and documented manner to produce the environmental impact assessment report.

The consultancy services shall be for a period of five months from the date of appointment.

The contract period is expected to commence on February 2021. The contract period is expected to end by June 2021.

“The consultant will submit the following documents to council at the indicated time lines: inception report within two weeks of appointment, draft report, two months after appointment, final report three months after appointment and EEA approval five months after appointment,” it was added.

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