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By Setsabile Nkambule | 2020-05-23

“I have always been drawn to the art world. Entertaining has been something I have loved from a very young age.”

In today’s young and upcoming we get to read and know more about former Eswatini MTN Spotlight contestant Mvelo who has taken social media through storm in her drawings

Mvelo whose real Lindelwa Tsabedze, grew up in Mbabane, Mahwalala in a family of three.

 She says growing she had always liked being an entertainer. She says she would try to make a sketch of anything and everything she came across.

“I have always loved art all forms of art, from when I was Younger I was drawing everything I could. Well, I think 2020 is when I started taking my abilities seriously. It was after my on spotlight competition that I decided to focus on my drawing,” she says.

Tsabedze says the response she has been getting from people on her newly found love has been what has kept her drawing. He says he has been getting support from people she had not anticipated would see and love her craft. Tsabedze has even gone to the extent of now making money off her craft.

 “I think I have had multiple people buying my art. I also have been improving rapidly so decided to practice more often so I grow. My journey is great. Artists are willing to mentor me. They always advise me and tell me it is okay to make mistakes because one can only grow from them. It took me time to appreciate my work.

To be honest the people that love my work and encourage me to believe in myself,” she said.

Like any other artist she too has met her share of challenges. She stated that her first challenge was one she had internally as she had for so many years suffered from undermining her talent. She says she always thought that her drawings were nothing out of the ordinary and people would not support the art.

She says it took her a while to convince herself that she was capable of doing anything she put her mind to

 “I see so much potential in myself so I will encourage myself to keep perfecting my art. The greatest joy is to see someone happy because of a gift God gave me. Since I am a musician, my art is greatly influenced by musicians, and music in general,” she said.

She says that she always seeks for advice from one of the best artists in the country Mr Obed who is her role model. She says it was him that taught her how to use a pencil and shading.

“He is currently helping me with colours and painting. I look up to him because he believes in me even when I make mistakes. He always says this can be fixed. On a regular look to social media for inspiration and watch videos so I see how others work.

She mentioned that she is a very free-spirited person. “Hence I don’t mind sharing my growth on social media and take people along on my journey. I think it is not easy to be a female sketch artist. Some people doubt our abilities but we will get somewhere eventually. My sketches are well received by couples. They want for the two of them or for each other, she said.

The future looks great for her as she has so much planned for it. According to her she wants to better her sketching through learning more. She also wants to teach young stars the power of believing in yourself and the talent they have.

 “I have so much planned for the future. I want to be able to share my gift with others while I better my craft. I also want to take my craft internationally,” she said.


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