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By Setsabile Nkambule | 2020-02-27

THE Eswatini National Council of Arts and Culture (ENCAC) has put its foot down and vowed to ban all promoters/event organisers who falsely advertise shows.

 ENCAC CEO Stanley Dlamini said a proper research should be done before taking decisions to ban the culprits.

 “For someone to deceive the public is an offence and they should be punished.  However,  in some  situations you find that some artists do not show up and it is not the organiser’s fault and in that case, proper communication should be done for the sake of the supporters of the event,” he said.

 He said they were yet to find proper structures to legitimise this concept via parliament.

Events organiser Karly B said there should be a committee that will look at regulating events in the kingdom.

He said this would help eliminate  fake promoters and also look at other important issues of ensuring that there is enough security at the events.

“In a situation where the lined up artists have  changed their minds and decide not to come,  organisers should  ensure that their contracts clearly stipulate the consequences of breaching a contract to the artists to help the organiser take legal action. Even if one can refund you, they have done more damage as people won’t trust you anymore ,” he said.

Mega Sound Director Zulu D stated that organisers should compensate their supporters by doing a makeup event where the music lovers would pay less for the event.

“In most cases, these artists have double bookings and end up not showing up.  Although it is really not the organiser’s fault, it is important for the organiser to first communicate with their supporters. This will help you regain the trust of your supporters,” he said.

 What the public had to say:

Thabiso Mtseki

“In my experience it does happen that a certain artist promises to come, but due to organisers not being able to meet certain obligations, he/she ends up not coming. The organiser owes the music lovers an apology. I don’t think any compensation should be made as it would have not been their fault but if it was just a false promise, they should be held accountable for that.”

 Alwandze Dlamini

“Event organisers should be punished for false advertising. It is really not good at all. We pay for these events to have fun and enjoy the acts of the day.”

Ayanda Motsa

“It shouldn’t be happening, reason being not only does it reflect badly on the organiser but also the industry at large.  Event organisers should plan their events properly.”

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