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By Sifiso Dlamini | 2019-11-29

NATIONAL Police Commissioner William Tsitsibala Dlamini has dismissed reports that they are after Sive Siyinqaba National Movement (Sibahle Sinje) Chairman Musa Nkambule.

This follows information that recently surfaced entailing that the police were investigating one of the country’s organisations regarding sensitive documents that were in relation to the statements made by the organisation.

He confirmed though that police visited Nkambule’s home in Mafutseni over the past weekend with the view to pursue certain information they had in their possession.

“I can disclose without hesitation that there is no warrant of arrest issued against any person, including Nkambule.

“The nature of our job is that we talk to people, including those we may be having certain information on.

“We want to be assisted as well, because it is either there is an element of truth in what we have or not. We have been doing the same even in this matter and we expect Nkambule to cooperate with us,” Dlamini explained.

It is gathered that when police armed with a search warrant visited Nkambule’s home they took his laptop, his organisation’s constitution and some document relating to the matter they were investigating.


On reports that when the police raided the Sive Siyinqaba chairman’s home  they allegedly discovered some seditious material, Dlamini said such has not yet reached him.

He said normally when police conduct their investigations,upon completion, they then briefed him on their discoveries.

“I don’t think there is anything odd even in this matter, they are still doing their work,” he said.


On another matter, the national commissioner explained that they also have an appointment to meet with veteran journalist Musa Ndlangamandla.

When Ndlangamandla returned from South Africa early this year, he was questioned by the police relating to certain publications that had led to his relocation.

Dlamini said Ndlangamandla was due for a meeting with them, but their appointment was cancelled at the last minute when they were held up by other duties.

He said they have rescheduled their meeting and would still want to talk to him as well.

Dlamini explained again that even at this point no one has been charged, but it is a conversation that they need to have in order to establish if there is any criminality in what they may be investigating.

A statement posted by the Executive Committee on Wednesday on the Sive Siyinqaba National Movement (Sibahle Sinje) page clarified and advised it was not a royal political party, and never has been.

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