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By BONGIWE DLAMINI | 2021-04-08

Manzini A bus rank preacher’s faith was put to the test when women flooded his Facebook timeline with nude pictures. Evangelist Linda Dlamini of Church of Christ, who is commonly known as the bus rank preacher was tested on Saturday after he had posted a picture of himself and a woman whom he identified as Prophetess Mrs. Ncobile N.D on the picture’s caption. The evangelist wrote that after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, the prophetess was taken to heaven where she was shown the realities of heaven and hell, the rupture, and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Dlamini said the prophetess and himself are heavenly sent to preach the gospel so he urged citizens not to mistreat or ignore them. He further stated that it was never too late to change one’s ungodly ways as God still gives people time to repent. Worth noting is that the evangelist is known for preaching at the Manzini Bus Rank and using vulgar language against women. Much to Dlamini’s preference of a respectful woman, the prophetess wore a long skirt, long-sleeved white shirt, and covered her head with a doek. Her face was natural and free from make-up. When preaching, Emaswati have noted that Evangelist Dlamini usually condemns the way women dress and present themselves. According to him, women who wear pants, make-up and do not cover their heads in the presence of the Lord are sinners. In fact, Dlamini usually uses the vernacular word of harlots to refer to these. Such has troubled women, especially those who do all that the preacher is against. In the comment section of the post by Evangelist Dlamini on Saturday, most of those that commented on the post were women and there were over 1 500 comments. Some of the women stated that they were not against Dlamini’s preaching of the gospel but they said they are against the manner in which he puts the message across. The women felt that the evangelist should find ways to drive the message home without using offensive language as this only angered the target audience instead of informing them of how God expects them to behave. Meanwhile, there were those that blatantly hurled insults at the preacher whom they supposed wanted to control how women should look like. Others even went to the extent of asking if Dlamini was married. In response, Dlamini said the prophetess was his wife. Some said the way the preacher was badly labeling women made it look like they are the only ones who commit sin and not men. On the other hand, there were women who decided to post nude pictures of either themselves or other women on the comment section. The pictures of women in swim wear and those that exposed some parts of their bodies were accompanied by captions calling for the preacher to exorcise the demons in them. Some women mocked the evangelist by saying they will continue to wear however way they felt like. Another one post a picture of a skimpily dressed woman and captioned it, “forgive me father for I have sinned.” Further, one woman said that if the preacher could insult her he would rue the day he was born because she could not take it lying down. In response to all the mockery on his post, the Evangelist Dlamini asked to be left alone. “Ningifunani yebekunene? Ngicela ningiyekele,’’ wrote the evangelist. Amid this plea, the social media users did not stop expressing their discontent with Dlamini’s approach to preaching. However, there were a few users who felt that Dlamini was on the right path to saving the strayed souls. They said all that he preached about was true as stated in the Bible, and that for demons to be cast out, one did not have to be soft but instead use authority to do so.

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