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By Bongani Dlamini | 2019-06-12

The 25-year-old murder suspect was allegedly approached by his aunt to commit the crime.

This is based on information gathered from reliable sources regarding the murder of Mbusomuni Mlambo allegedly by three suspects; including his sister-in-law Khanyisile Ntombi Mlambo (52) of Mbekelweni.

The incident is said to have happened last Thursday at Lwandle where Mlambo’s body was later discovered.

The two are related while the third accused person is said to be still on the run. After the allegations that Sibusiso was the one who approached his aunt and offered to kill Mlambo, new information was for the opposite in that Khanyisile allegedly asked for help from her nephew.

After this request, the 52-year old is purported to have advised Sibusiso to find a partner with whom they would execute the plan.

Subsequently, it is alleged that Sibusiso recruited his friend who is the third accused currently on the run. The two men are then alleged to have met with Khanyisile to discuss the nitty-gritties of their plan.

Here, the two men are said to have named their price for doing the job although information was that the E15 000 was less than the initial price of E20 000.

On the day of the incident, it is said that the Sibusiso and his friend were in Manzini to conduct their personal business when they saw Mlambo who was a carpenter.

Thinking that it was their lucky day, the two suspects are said to have taken the opportunity to execute their plan of killing him on behalf of their client, who is also Sibusiso’s aunt.

After selling the story that they had found a job for Mlambo in Lwandle, the two suspects are then alleged to have instructed him to hire a separate taxi to Lwandle, which they reportedly offered to pay when Mlambo arrived there.

Upon arrival, the other suspect is said to have remained hidden in a forest while Sibusiso went to meet Mlambo who was a distance away from the forest. He was then led into the forest where he was eventually hammered to death with an unknown object twice on the back of his head.

The two men were allegedly paid the E15 000 by Khanyisile after they produced Mlambo’s identity card as proof that he was dead.

Khanyisile is suspected to have resolved to have Mlambo killed after the latter proved to be an obstacle for her in keeping E30 000 that was paid to her by a woman who had bought some land from her.

It is alleged that Khanyisile was desperate for the money because she had to pay an inyanga who had initiated her daughter.

When the land dispute started, Khanyisile is said to have asked for the umphakatsi’s assistance in resolving the matter because she had the idea of selling some of her own in a bid to obtain the inyanga’s initiation fee.

However, when the woman who had bought the land started some construction on it, Mlambo allegedly stopped any progress, citing that the Umphakatsi where the resolution to allocate land for Khanyisile had no authority. He allegedly stated that the Mbekelweni Umphakatsi was the rightful one to issue directives regarding the land.

Khanyisile and Sibusiso are currently behind bars pending committal to the High Court.

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