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By Bongiwe Dlamini | 2019-05-15

EMBATTLED Mhubhe High parents made startling revelations that teacher-pupil sexual relations were rife at the school.

This was revealed during a parents meeting that was convened by the Manzini Regional Education Officer (REO) Mlimi Mamba yesterday at the school.

They accused the school committee of being corrupt and allegedly bribed to conceal such disturbing issues to authorities.

In a heated meeting, parents revealed that they have heard of cases where female pupils were impregnated allegedly by teachers.

It was alleged that the school committee members were well aware of the teacher-pupil relationships some of which resulted to pupils giving birth, but they turned a blind eye because they were bribed.

In addition, the parents said although some of them knew of pupils who were in sexual relations with the teachers, it was hard for them to report because of the corruption among the people in charge. They also said they feared that their children would be victimised.

In this regard, the REO Mlimi Mamba said his office was open for anyone to report their concerns without fear.

The parents claimed one of the reasons their children were ill-disciplined was because of government’s stance to implement positive discipline.

They said the pupils misbehave knowing that they will not be severely punished.

Evident to this, it was revealed during the meeting that some pupils went toe-to-toe with police officers who were called to calm the situation last Wednesday.

“One pupil slapped a police officer with an open hand in the face during the height of the situation,” said a parent.

It was also said that the police were also not spared from the stones that were hurled in all directions during the riot.

For this, some of the parents said these were the fruits of the abolishment of corporal punishment.

Responding to this, the REO Mamba said parents should deal with the fact that the ministry of education and training was conforming to guidelines by the African Union and the European Union that called for the implementation of positive discipline.

He said this was to avoid situations where pupils were beaten to an extent they became permanently disabled or died.

Mamba said this has proved costly for them as parents then sue government a lot of money.

However, he could not stop parents from administering corporal punishment to their children at home.

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