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By Simon Shabangu | 2019-01-12

His Majesty King Mswati III yesterday dispersed thousands of regiments at Ngabezweni Royal Residence, marking the end of the Incwala ceremony.

Thousands of regiments converged at the Royal Residence to hear the King’s first address to the nation for the new year following the completion of the Incwala ceremony which was followed by the weeding of royal fields.  The Incwala ceremony started in December 7 at Ludzidzini Royal Residence with the main day falling on Christmas Day. The weeding of royal fields started on Friday December 27 and lasted for almost two weeks.


His Majesty the King commended the regiments for undertaking all the activities related  to the Incwala ceremony, noting that the regiments have shown dedication and love for their culture by participating in all the activities from the beginning to the end.

“The regiments have been coming in their numbers since the first day of the Little Incwala. Even during the march to accompany the ingaja, the numbers were amazing as it was like an endless rope as the throngs of regiments marched on. Even the ingaja came in numbers and further brought back quality Lusekwane shrubs, something which I appreciate. I encourage you to continue with the good spirit and love for your culture as this gives hope that our God given culture will not perish as it will be passed on to future generations,” the King said.

The King said he was also happy with the good behaviour the regiments displayed through the ceremony.

He said regiments understand the importance of the Incwala ceremony and sensitivities around it, reiterating that during such period there should be no squabbles, quarrels or any fighting as such then gets to spoil the ceremony.

“I was happy that it was all smooth and there were no reports of quarrels. This spirit I want to encourage because we are a peaceful nation and we have a responsibility to pass on this legacy left by our forefathers to the younger and future generation of the nation,” he said.

The elated regiments joined the King in the singing and dancing of Incwala and Umgubho songs which lasted for almost an hour. It closed on a high note with the Inqaba kaNqofula, a song sung to mark the official close of the activities during such ceremonies.  His Majesty led the throngs in song and dance which he seemed to enjoy despite the scorching heat which left everyone in the arena sweating. After the King’s address, Indvuna Vacu Magongo communicated the King’s message to the regiments wherein the King presented them with gifts which included calendars and meat. It was an exciting moment for the thousands of regiments who shouted ‘Bayethe’ in appreciation of the gesture by the King who always ensures that he ‘treats’ regiments in appreciation of the good work they do.

Emakhosikati, emazinyane, sigodlo, chiefs from all over the country, Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini, Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku, Cabinet ministers, Imbali and Lutsango also joined the throngs of regiments present on the day.

His Majesty calls for team work and cooperation...

His Majesty King Mswati III has urged the nation to practice team work in order to cover a lot of ground within a short period of time.

The King said as the regiments go back home to attend to their personal errands and duties at family level, they must also consider team work which is a practice that has existed for many years.

The King said the speed in which the regiments undertook the weeding of royal fields was an indication that if people work as a team, they would achieve a lot.

“I encourage you to take the spirit of oneness to your respective chiefdoms and continue to help one another in doing duties. Ummemo and Lilima have always been there and it is advisable to continue with these practices because promote unity among communities.


I noticed that this year regiments were able to do a lot of work within a short space of time because of the unity and hard work. It is our culture to help each other at all times, even if there is a problem or issue we always work out things together not to be a bystander and watch,” the King said. The King said the nation was blessed with good rains, hence he was expecting the country to have a good yield this year. He said since the beginning of the Incwala ceremony, the nation has been receiving good rains which have resulted to the country being entirely green due to the good rains. He urged regiments to be also ready for a good yield this year, encouraging them to go home and ensure the fields are well taken care of.

King thanks regiments for the successful elections


His Majesty King Mswati III has thanked the regiments and the nation for the successful and peaceful election which the country held towards the end of the year in 2018.

The King said the elections were a huge success and peaceful as witnessed and confirmed by the many different election observer missions which gave the 2018 elections a thumbs up.

His Majesty said the nation came out in their numbers to be counted as they elected men and women to represent them in parliament and further provide the King with legislators to form a new Cabinet led by Prime Minister Ambrose Mandvulo Dlamini. “You provided the King with parliamentarians from which the current cabinet was appointed.


 I appreciate you all for the role you played in the success of the elections. We now have to start the New Year with steam and put all things of the previous year behind us and start afresh with new ideas to develop the country.

We pray that the New Year brings all the best for the country economically and in all aspects of life. We pray that this year the economic status will improve even at family level and we pray that poverty and challenges be a thing of the past,” His Majesty said.

Let’s double our efforts, create jobs - King

His Majesty King Mswati has urged the nation to double its efforts in ensuring that there is enough jobs for all the young people as the country draws closer to the first world status.

His Majesty said only two years are left before the country reaches the set target of year 2022, noting that there is need for the country to be self-sufficient in all aspects. “As the population increases in numbers, it is also important that we also find ways of creating more jobs to accommodate all the people as the numbers increase by the years,” the King said.

His Majesty was speaking at Ngabezweni Royal Residence yesterday when dispersing regiments as the Incwala ceremony and activities related to the ceremony officially came to an end. The King said time is catching up with the nation and urged everyone to play their role in ensuring that the country creates enough jobs for all the people, especially the younger generation who are completing their training in the different tertiary institutions.

The King said by the year 2022, the country needs to be able to feed itself and also have enough jobs such that people are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking up jobs.

“We also need to reach a stage where we are able to produce enough food and do not rely on imports as it is the case right now. We need to work tirelessly to ensure that the country gets to the level it has to be if we are to be able to meet the set target of being a first word country,” the King said.

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