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By Nokwanda Sibandze | 2019-01-12

 Real Name Linda Dlamini, the 22-year-old hip-hop and RnB DJ has been making waves in the entertainment industry of the country. The spinner says he was born and raised in Mbabane where he is currently based.

CDQ shared with us that he is currently studying Emergency Medical Rescue at EMR College. The spinner started being a DJ at the age of 18 when he was still in high school.

“I’ve been a DJ for about four years now. It all started back in high school when I fell in love with music, to which I refer to most of the time as a girl, hehe.”

He explains his first memory as a DJ as crazy. “Hehe, my first memory as a DJ was epic. What can I say, I think crazy is the perfect way to describe that experience. It was truly exciting but at the same time it was a bit scary.”

He says he describes his first experience as crazy because at the time he did not have proper one on one lessons on how to use DJ equipment.

“I had only been taught the basics by my brother and his friends but I was brave enough to apply them on DJ equipment on my own. It took a bit of time but I eventually got the hang of it.”

Most DJs are inspired by other DJs, but with this young spinner his parents take the crown. “Outside the entertainment scene, it has to be my mother and father. Not just because they are my parents but because for me hardwork is everything and that is exactly what my parents do for a better tomorrow. I can’t even explain just how much they do, it’s a lot.”

With this DJ, its not about him playing music for the crowd, it goes deep as he days it began with the love for music. “I love, love music, I can’t even explain how much. Then I eventually fell in love with this girl called deejaying. Hehehe and I fell in love with the art as a whole. Never looked back ever since and it’s been awesome.”

Everyone sees themselves achieving their goals, especially in the few years to come. Supa CDQ says he sees himself travelling most places, especially where he’s never been to and all this through the art of deejaying.

“I pray all those plans happen in the next three years. That would be awesome. Achieving that goal in the next three years would be amazing and it would actually mean I am working really hard.”

Working hard is something that this DJ has been doing since he ventured into the industry. Proving his hard work, he has perfomed at some of Eswatini’s biggest festivals and shows. “I’ve played at The Hipnotik Festival, which has been my favourite since it is a hip-hop festival, which is my specialty.”

The DJ has also played at The Megasound Picnic, Castle Light Unlocks, The Big Five 24Hour Party, Eyadini, Zero 13 Lifestyle, Rivonia On Deck and Stones Melville, just to name a few.

So what does this spinner do to prapare for a show? DJ Supa CDQ says he doesnt do much but he has a list of things that he goes through. “For me preparing the songs is obvious, knowing the venue and doing some research about the venue or even the show is truly helpful,”

The spinner says even the age group of the attendees is one of the best keys to all the “locks of deejaying,’ “It makes it easier for me to play at any event after I’ve done all that.

“Also, just reading and studying the crowd helps a lot, in that way you get to understand which songs they mostly react to.”

He said paying attention to the number of people in the crowd  makes things easier.

“Well I am not always behind the decks even though I’d love to but during my spare time, I listen to music just to refresh my mind and I also love catching up on some good movies.”

The DJ is also obsessed with the internet as he is always surfing the internet. “I promise this is also one of my best get aways. I love the internet, it also helps me get informed about news and other things.”

It is clear that he was born for the arts industry, as the DJ, admits that if he was not DJ he would be a photographer or videographer. “Being a DJ is something to do on the side, but then if not I’d probably do photography or videography. It is quite obvious that I was born for the arts.”

The artist says he would be a photographer because he loves taking pictures of random things and editing clips. He says it is one of his hobbies.


“The art of deejaying is just so amazing. I’ve always been so fascinated by the art as a whole. I will forever be in the arts industry.”

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