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By Dumisa Dlamini | 2019-01-12

It would be very difficult and grossly unfair to pin cheating unto the lapel of husbands when everyone else including their wives is enjoying this unholy matrimonial game.

As a matter of fact everyone is cheating the other for apparent and no reason at all. That said, it should be known that men are merchants of cheating.

By extension no woman is naïve enough to believe that her husband ain’t cheating on her. If he is not doing it now, he potentially will at some point in time. For the sake of peace bafati babindza bati that the man she is married to is dating another woman even if she doesn’t know who she is.

The world and technology being so exposing today, no man will dwell in the darkness of his cheating ways angakabanjwa no matter how far removed his conquest may be.

With the cell in your possession, your wife will know the woman you are cheating on her with. She is only left to determine which type of three women out there you are seeing.

Her reaction will be based on the findings on the nature of woman lophululwa yindonda yakhe.

It is always going to be one of three types which Societal Scales will attempt to download below as per the husband’s purpose of dating her.

 The man you are married to is cheating on you with that clandestine woman whom according to his wish you would never have to know about let alone meet and confront.

He is only being a man and the monster in him to taste “London” pleasures way off the marital bedroom shores is alive and persuasive of is masculinity.

All men do that. In the act some are caught because they have been very careless and could not cover their tracks very well. In some instances someone naba boLozindaba may have told the wife and he gets exposed.

This is the kind of woman your husband will be sorry about. They can and will server all ties with them so that they can appease the woman’s anger and consequently save their marriages. Belicuphe imbasha nje lijaha lelidzala with no intentions whatsoever lekubetsela tikhonkhwane.

Here is Jossiah, a senior analyst in an industrial company, who had a very intimate and clandestine relationship with one of the cleaners in the company. He was in an affair he wouldn’t want even his colleagues to know about.

When his wife found out he was so apologetic and sorry that he told the other woman to go their separate ways. He enjoyed the affair whilst it lasted but did not dare to continue with same now that his wife knew.

A lot of men are trapped in such relationships. The woman may be so serious about him, he is serious with his wife and safeguards his marriage a lot amidst his cheating ways. Bomake bayamati babe naganiwe and may be quiet because she can tell it ain’t as serious!

Women are not always going to fight all the other women their husbands are dating and on an equal measure married men are not always secretive about who else they are dating other than their wives. Uyaganwa nje babe angafihli and doesn’t care whether his wife knows about it. He could have been a cheated man and is taking his revenge by going for another woman and his wife will not breathe a word about the affair or the other woman her husband is dating. Thabo a budding businessman found himself at the brink of collapse when his business ventures were falling apart.

The banks, debtors and employees were all breathing unto his neck. He was putting up a brave fight until he discovered that his business associate was having a fling with his wife. He was not ready for a fight and a divorce. He dated another younger, prettier and focused woman and much to the knowledge of his wife.

When his business took shape, his was extremely regretful and they were still together. However, the gentleman still held unto new woman. His wife kept unto her tainted marital lane whilst the man she was married to would leave the house anytime  he wanted to be with the other woman.

You know a lot of women are sharing their husbands with other women, some know why they are being punished others have resigned themselves to accept that other than them being there Mabuza akabutwa kutsi uyaphi ngaLesihlanu ntsambama to come back on Monday morning.

There may be a child or two from such relationships who are known to the wife. Babe Matsebula, a well-known farmer was dating a female teacher from a school across his house. He never explained himself to his wife instead he would go to the teachers’ quarters at will. Noma ahlabile he would send children bamikise licatsa lapha kaMadam.

His wife did not fight that or even the woman when she herself went to the school on account of her children. He may not necessarily marry that other woman. Ngewakhe nje uyati futsi namake, akafutfumali ngaloko!

The word cheating has been overly used and almost abused especially when it is directed to men.

By virtue of the marriage contract they would have entered into, some men cannot be said to be cheating when they date other women.

He wedded his wife through a cultural, customary and traditional wedding which entity allows him to have an additional wife.

How then would he be branded to be cheating in the quest of scouting another wife? Societal Scales is saying the man is dating the other woman because he is in the quest to get a second, third or even a fourth wife.

Like he did with this first, third or all other incumbent wives he first has to propose, date and marry the other woman.

There is no way then he is not going to date one or three women from which he would choose one and approach his wife and ask for here blessing.

LaManana was livid when she discovered babe was seeing the pretty nurse from the local clinic. She wanted to fight her from the onset.

She couldn’t because her husband had more to tell her about that special woman. “Bengisetakubikela Mcusi ngesikhatsi kutsi LaVilakati utaba ngumfati wami wesibili.”

All the explanations she needed were given and she relented.

It appeared the old man was impressed ngenhlonipho lomongikazi accorded, her patience nemusa wakhe he received each time he visited the clinic.

Notwithstanding their age difference the medical personnel was also nursing hopes of being inkhosikati yakhe uMlangeni.

In no time she joined the family. Whilst women can fight any woman who dates their husbands, they all know when they have lost the battle especially when babe’s purpose kumtsatsa nalolomunye dzadze he is dating.

For him to do that, he should be brave to walk out of the house ayojuma or bring her home so that his wife could see her and appraise the kind of competition she is faced with.

Your husband can be dating one or two if not all three types.

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