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By Majaha Nkonyane | 2018-11-11

THE new Minister of Agriculture Jabulani Mabuza has reiterated that agriculture has the potential to improve the country’s economy.

Speaking during his brief introduction to the ministry’s staff and parastatals on Wednesday, Mabuza quoted remarks from different speakers at the recent people’s parliament (Sibaya), where he said he noted that different speakers referred to agriculture as a vehicle for economic improvement.

“Speakers from the recent People’s Parliament (Sibaya) mentioned that agriculture can be used to improve the country’s economy and indeed we can improve the country’s economy through agriculture. I look forward to working with all of you as we continue to improve farming methods and helping the country move forward,” he said.

Mabuza, who is the former minister of commerce, industry and trade is no novice to politics as he is in his second term as a Pigg’s Peak Member of Parliament and also in his second term as a cabinet minister.

 In his brief introduction to the ministry, he assured those present that he is determined to continue working hard and he looks forward to working with both the different parastatals and the ministry’s civil servants.  “We appreciate your warm welcome to the ministry and it is exciting to be part of this ministry where one will be working with the nation, especially in an area where the country has its backbone.

It is understandable that times have changed as farming methods have since changed from the time we grew up than it is practiced today,” he said.

Mabuza also mentioned that working together will help provide solutions towards improving the ministry’s performance. The civil servants were further encouraged in their work and reminded of the work ahead of them as the country is still expected to bring more solutions.

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