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By Sabelo Majola | 2018-10-11

Impatience has consumed social media enthusiasts as they have since released imaginative lists of the anticipated 20 Senate appointees.

Senate of Eswatini is the upper chamber of  the country’s bicameral Parliament. Senate has 30 members, 20 of which are appointed by His Majesty King Mswati III while the remaining 10 are elected by the House of Assembly.

Out of anticipation, people have crafted a number of lists naming the 20 Senators which have been circulating on social media from Tuesday.

Making the lists are members of the royal family, former politicians and other prominent figures.

Also mentioned in the lists are names of people whose characters are not known.

Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) Chairman Chief Gija condemned the act by the social media enthusiasts. He said the act was disrespectful to the king as he is yet to officially make known the 20 Senate candidates yet people have taken upon themselves to craft their own bogus lists prior to the official announcement.

He said the people behind the lists should refrain from doing so as it also paints a bad picture about the country internationally.

“People need to grow up. Social networks reach a large audience not just locally but internationally and other nations won’t take us serious if we find these significant national events to be a joke.

It is a very wrong act that can have a bad impact not just for the actors but the country as a whole,” he said.

The House of Assembly is expected to have their first sitting today and the MPs are expected to elect 10 senators.

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