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By Majaha Nkonyane | 2018-10-11

THE country’s poor economic performance has forced more people to seek for greener pastures outside Eswatini, thus contributing to high numbers of the migrant work force.

 This is according to REDI Chief Executive, Dr.Sikhomba Gumbi who was making a presentation at the Institute of People Management (IPM) annual conference at Ezulwini yesterday.

Gumbi said some people move to neighbouring countries illegally where they then find work whilst others are able to secure National Identity cards.

“Eswatini still supplies South Africa and other countries with a high number of migrant workers. Migrants and mobile workers are largely undocumented, migration for work purposes has gains for society. Poor treatment of unskilled migrants brings about frustration and crime,” he said.

According to Gumbi, the informal sector has played a very critical role in poverty reduction and provision of trading opportunities.

Gumbi said the informal sector is also not well documented.

As means to curb the high numbers of migrant workers, he said Eswatini has some strong policies in line with attaining decent work for all, the problem lies with the poor or lack of implementation of such policies.

“Current policies and their slow implementation result in the country not creating enough jobs but the country has potential. Business has resource constraints that prevent them from complying with decent work requirements,” he said.

In addition, Gumbi said there was potentially a gap between policies and the youth, implementation on the ground. There is a need for more effectively implemented and accelerated strategies to reduce unemployment and underemployment, particularly for youth.

Lack of skills and experience is major course for concern.

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