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By Andile Dlamini | 2018-07-12

It seems Illa Penboy is all for supporting associates and helping them grow their careers but the rapper had a few words of advice for local artists.

 Illa took to his social media to tell artists that they should help market events that they are booked for.

The rapper said he had noticed that half the time when artists are on stage, people struggled to sing along to the songs because they didn’t know the lyrics. He says this is the main reason artists should promote their upcoming shows and music so that people can keep up with their work.

“Let’s be honest, you’ll have less fans if you have any, most of your fans are your friends, so stop acting like crowd pullers on the poster. We are still building the industry; we need to move from having friends as our fans and start bringing fans to our events. Let people travel from as far as Siphofaneni, Mankayane, Ngwenya, Malkerns, Mhlambanyatsi to attend an event in Mbabane or Manzini, I see the same faces in most events where there's a long line up of locals  and  that's a big problem,” the rapper said on his message that circulated on WhatsApp.

Illa went on to explain that the problem is not that Emaswati do not support each other but artists have a tendency of acting like they have made it even when they have not made a brand for themselves.

“So, from now on if you don't have a following, start now and build your brand, I don't care how talented you think you are or how long have you been in the industry,” said the rapper.

The ‘cheese over bhonjis’ maker went on to speak to producers as well.

“I don't understand why promoters book people who will only bring a  plus one  and  demand payment, if you book an artist you expect his/her fans to attend the event. Promoters wake up, spend your money right,’’ the artist said.

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