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By Sizwe Dlamini | 2018-06-13

AN unknown number of criminals trespassed into the Pigg’s Peak police camp and stole police uniforms off the clothing drying line.

The same criminals are also believed to have broken into another Pigg’s Peak police room and stole food as well as casual clothes.

The incident occurred late on Sunday afternoon. Police sources said the criminals are believed to have been ‘patrolling’ the site for weeks before committing the crime.

“The criminals are not people who come from far, they are locals because criminals who come from other areas don’t know where the police camp is located. We assume that the criminals had first patrolled the area to see if the police were around after seeing that they were away on duty securing the current nationwide voter registration stations, the criminals struck and trespassed into the camp over the fence,” they said.

The source said the criminals broke into the police camp rooms and stole food as well as some casual clothes.

“The room the criminals managed to enter into belongs a non-uniform wearing policeman, so we can safely say that the criminals did not steal a police uniform in this particular room. Due to procedural reasons, the total amount of items stolen inside the police room won’t be revealed to the media.” The source added that after finishing with the police room, the criminals then stole female police officers’ uniforms that were hung on the clothing line.  “It is important that we make the public aware that some criminals might be committing crimes while dressed as police officers,” they added. Chief Police Information and Communications Officer Superintendent Khulani Mamba confirmed the incident. “The media should publicise the incident to protect the public against criminals who might be wearing the stolen police uniforms.”

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