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By Mbono Mdluli | 2018-04-17

Swaziland Christian University (SCU) directors are fools for signing a MoA that does not bind government to help them.

This was said by Lobamba Lomdzala MP Marwick Khumalo when he laid his eyes on the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) signed by government and SCU.

The MoA was tabled by Minister for Education and Training Phineas Magagula last week in Parliament.

Khumalo said it had become clear that scorning Magagula on this issue would not help.

He said the time had come for Members of Parliament to forget about this whole SCU saga.

Blaming and shouting at Magagula would not help because Magagula would not avail the E27 million.

This was more especially because the MoA was already signed “naletilima tase SCU nato tisayinile (and the SCU fools have signed the MoA).”

Khumalo was quickly called to order by Hosea MP Thulani Masuku. Little did he know that he would also get his fair share of the scorn.

He was labeled intosomba (which could be loosely translated as a dwarf or midget) by Khumalo.

He said he would not be told by intosomba on what he was expected to do in Parliament.

His submissions provoked huge roars of laughter from other MPs, who did not stop calling him to order every time he uttered words which were considered un-parliamentary.

Khumalo ended up withdrawing and apologising to his colleagues, especially to the Hosea MP.

MP Prince Magudvulela still had hope that the SCU issue would finally be addressed the way it was supposed to.

The institution had students who were Swazis and that deserved to be given quality education like other Swazi students.

He urged the committee working on the matter not to lose hope as the lives of many Swazis were at stake. Most MPs were not happy with the MoA, which did not address their concerns over the state of the university right now.  MPs had sent Magagula and his finance counterpart Martin Dlamini to see if it could re-allocate E27 million to SCU.  The ministers promised to do that and come back with a positive answer to Parliament.

Last Thursday the MPs got the unexpected when the education minister did not tell them that he had re-allocated the money.

Instead, he produced the MoA, which did not bind government to give the E27 million.

Magagula said the E27 million could be issued once the MoA was in place, but his explanation could not convince the legislators.

Mbabane East MP Esther Dlamini said the MoA did not hold water because SCU found itself in it is problems even in the presence of such documents called MoAs.

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