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By Lusito Tsela | 2018-04-16

SONGSTRESS Mandisa Mamba rocked her first solo show and in turn turned a year older in ‘power.’

As her show was dubbed ‘The Super Power Experience,’ indeed the singer/dancer/model unleashed her super power.

The show was held at the Swaziland Theatre Club in Mbabane on Saturday evening.

Worth noting is that MTN Pulse was present and giving away Bluetooth speakers, caps, t-shirts and airtime amongst other incentives to lucky winners who uploaded pictures of them attending the show on social networks.

The show slated for 6pm began two hours late with KrTC directing the proceedings.

Able Kein who was the opening act did a good job in warming up the stage for the super lady who rocked the audience with her dance moves.

Her dance moves were on point. From time to time her two dancers would come to the stage and render a splendid performance.

Mandisa got the audience dancing along as she sang her popular tracks in the likes of ‘Barely Breathe, Power, Fly, Hello America, How big do you wanna be, powerful’ and ‘Miss behave’ to name a few.

The song ‘Miss behave’ saw King Terry and Mozaik the producer joining the songstress on stage.

The songstress also gave the audience a taste of her upcoming tracks in the likes of ‘Fault in our stars’ which she said it resembled love and Jika which got the audience yawning for more.

Much to the amusement of the audience, it was also her birthday, as after her performance rapper King Terry brought her a cake on stage.

The audience sang the popular happy birthday song to her as per KrTC’s plea.

After the show, Mandisa passed her gratitude to all the people who came to the show and help make it  a success.

“Today is my birthday and I am grateful that I got to celebrate it with all of you. This really is a special day for me and I am grateful to all of you who have made this show a possible success,” she said.

Mamba took a step higher in her musical journey.

She won the MTN Bushfire Firefly competition last year which then qualified her to perform at the Bushfire Festival for the entire three days.

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