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By Lusito Tsela | 2018-03-14

SOUTH African lady spinner Anita ‘Duchaz Kasi Mlungu’ Ronge will be in the country on March 31.

The commercial house and kwaito DJ will be performing at the Club Cloud 9 in Manzini during the launch of Metalic Boyz ‘Single Women’ track launch.

This was revealed by Metalic Boyz’ Trixie yesterday.

Trixie said; “Metalic Boyz have decided to celebrate women as March 8 was international Women’s day by bringing the South African lady spinner.”

“The song we will be launching is titled ‘single women’, thus we felt it befitting to bring a lady spinner to go along with the theme of the show, and the song,” he explained.

 “Since the track is about how women feel about themselves, there was no other lady DJ we could think of other than the Kasi Mlungu who has proclaimed herself as a black woman, regardless of her skin colour.

The DJ plays mostly plays her sets in townships, hence she brings about that kasi feel needed to add some flair to the show,” he added.

The single track inspired by Trixie’s past life experience will see the Kasi DJ making her debut performance in the country.

Trixie continued; “My mother abandoned me when I was eight months old, thus the vocalist in the song expresses her desire to try understand the way women feel about themselves after doing some despicable things.

As Metalic Boyz, we felt it was a great way to honour our Kasi life by bringing a kasi DJ, which will also motivate other people in the townships to get their act together and do something with their lives.”

Trixie added, “We will be launching one of our many songs to come and the music industry should be prepared for the best music as we will be bringing other talented South African DJs to the country from time to time.”

Trixie said on the day, fun lovers will be treated to the best music by Leeto, Silver Cap, Emma, DJ Bisto, DJ Lindz, DJ Litiya, Sfundo and DJ Mixza, to name a few.

The spinner urged fun lovers to come have a night of clean fun as they will have an outing to remember.

He also encouraged the country to keep supporting local talent and being loyal to locals as that helps  the upcoming artists to be motivated, which will help in improving the standard of the industry in the country.

To the upcoming artists, he said they should keep pushing hard and forget about all the hindrances they face for that’s what will make them stronger in the industry of music.

Fun lovers will pay E70 for general and E100 VIP tickets at the door.

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