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By Ayanda Dlamini | 2018-03-13

MTN Bushfire recently announced a host of new ticketing options and festival elements designed to increase the convenience, security and enjoyment of the full-festival weekend. 

Following on the latest trends in payment systems, guests will be able to create an online account before getting to the festival and armband linked to their ticket that enables tap and go payments at bars and food vendors on site.

House on Fire’s MTN Bushfire Communications Officer Noncedo Dlamini said cashless armbands require a full festival pass hence this year there will be no day passes expect for Sunday, which is the last day of the festival.

Dlamini stated that the new cashless armbands systems was an expensive system that they introduced, hence it lasts for three days.

“It would be a waste of money to use the cashless armbands for just a single day. It requires the guests to use it for the entire three days.

The reason we have Sunday passes only is because it is the last day of the festival.

“We are committed to providing a complete three-day experience with our festival, and as such are not equipped to accommodate single-day passes. The festival is an ever growing and evolving event; and thus, to be able to implement all these developments that make MTN Bushfire a seamless and secure event, it is crucial that it becomes a full three-day experience for everyone. With the yearly demand for full festival tickets growing every year and with a focus on improving the overall weekend experience, it is no longer feasible to sell daily tickets to the festival,” said Dlamini.

The armband will enable a cashless experience at all the food and bar vendors.  Two exciting developments that are happening this year: MTN Bushfire becoming a cashless environment and the news that camping will open on Thursday night are both designed to make the entire festival weekend more enjoyable and secure.

 According to Dlamini, main gates for general festival goers will open at 4pm, on May 25.

Tickets are on sale for the festival available on MTN Bushfire Festival website and MTN service centres in Mbabane (Corporate Place), Manzini (Riverstone Mall), Ezulwini (Shak’s The Gables) as well as House on Fire in Malkerns.  More than a music festival, MTN Bushfire is a holistic experience made up of a rich texture of arts, cultures, crafts, food markets, and specialised zones that combine to create an explosive three-day event and a memorable take home experience.

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