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By Hlengiwe Ndlovu | 2018-02-14

CENTRE For Financial Inclusion Director David Myeni says Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), even though are not a new phenomenon, still do not receive much deserved attention.

Speaking at the Royal Swazi Sun on Monday in an official opening of a Private Public Partnership and Project Financing for MSMEs seminar hosted by the Micro Finance Unit in the Ministry of Finance, Myeni described PPPs as being an important subject to augment the public sector’s efforts in trying to address the needs of the people in providing for public services.

He said it was not good that PPPs had not reached maximum attention status as they require very immaculate and concise preparations from various spheres of the economy.

“It is clear and apparent to all of us that it is not possible to expect the public sector to extend to all the needs that are obtaining outside there to enhance public service.

“At the same time, we need Government to create the environment and the space for the private sector to play a more effective role expand economic activity and stimulate growth,” he said.

In another matter, he emphasised on the need to explore and establish avenues for alternative funding mechanisms to enhance access to finance for the SME sector, as highlighted in the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS).

He expressed his content on having stakeholders from various sectors such as the financial institutions, municipalities, government agencies, private companies and government agencies in the seminar and said this would enhance the understanding on how PPPs work and collaborations be formed.

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