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Despite having expressed his desire not to have his contract renewed when it expired in December last year, the erstwhile Swazi TV Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bongani Dlamini performed a surprising about turn—and asked for a further engagement.

This bemused the  Swaziland Television Authority board who it is understood is now split on the correct course of action.

As reported in our last edition, ‘S’gcoko’ as he is affectionately known, wrote a letter to express his desire to leave the station and not have his contract renewed. This he did as per procedure to notify in advance whether or not an employee is interested in renewing a contract.

In this case, Dlamini’s letter was an early notification that he was packing his bags—and not interested in the position. In light of this, a review of his position was never undertaken, given that he was going to leave the position.  Consequent to this, the board of directors accepted his wishes, and accordingly worked on calculating his gratuity. Vusigama Khumalo was approved by SCOPE to stand in while recruitment for a new CEO was prepared.

Last week, the STVA Board Chair Nozizwe Mulela told this publication that the board was currently working on the transition process together with Dlamini and management.


She was responding to questions concerning why Dlamini was still using the company car and occupying the house allocated to him by the company, while he was out of contract.

According to sources, the Board has been stunned by a subsequent letter that Dlamini then wrote, seemingly requesting to be engaged for the position. This newspaper understands that Dlamini informed the board that he was looking forward to his contract being renewed.

It has now confused the board as to how to treat this, given that the decision had already been endorsed not to renew his contract, and there have been further developments as to the recruitment of an incumbent.

“The board is divided over this,” said a source, who added that there have been external forces being used to intimidate the Board into taking a position.   “I have it in on good authority that there are members of the board who are pushing ‘S’gcoko’s case, while there are those who want to apply the rule to the letter,” added the source.

A source in the ministry who is aware of this matter alleged that the minister has also been accused of supporting him on the matter. The minister’s comment that the former CEO’s contract was still being discussed by the board has added to the confusion.


It is understood that the minister had been updated on the situation, especially that the CEO had indicated that he would not be interested to renew.


“He was informed of this, and noted it when it was brought to his attention. It is puzzling how he suddenly opens this matter up despite that it is a clear open and shut case,” said a source.


The STVA board chair would not be drawn for comment on this issue, although she reiterated that Dlamini requested that his contract should not be renewed and the that the Board accepted his request, and as such he was no longer with the station.


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