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By Sifiso Nhlabatsi | 2018-01-13

As alleged serial killer David Simelane continues to languish in prison being kept alive by the taxpayer’s money women feel government is not doing enough as it should be clear by now whether he will eventually be hanged or not.

These sentiments were shared by women who attended the TUCOSWA Women Conference yesterday at Caritas Centre. The sentiment that Simelane must be hanged came after TUCOSWA Secretary General Mduduzi Gina address to the elected members who will lead the TUCOSWA Women Committee said he wanted to see the women involved whenever there is a case of violation of human rights. Gina made an example of the David Simelane’s case saying women could stand up and say “you cannot kill so many of us only to be fed by us”, worth noting is that TUCOSWA represents workers in the country who pay tax to government and in turn that money is used by government to run correctional facilities among other institutions.

Gina said it must be clear what government was saying on the issue of Simelane and it must not deceive people by saying it is still looking for a hangman. The women who were at the conference murmured in approval of what was being said by Gina some even shouted ‘uphilelanivele’, which can be loosely translated to ‘why is he still alive’.

Trade union to approach US Embassy on AGOA benefits

TUCOSWA Secretary Gene-ral Mduduzi Gina has re-vealed that as a federation they will approach the US Embassy to find out what other benefits come with the country’s re-admission to AGOA.

Gina said it would seem that the focus now is on the textile industry. Gina said as much as it is understood that there will be garment factories which will be opened and a lot of people will be getting jobs and they appreciate that, but it must be noted that the are other benefits which come with the readmission and as TUCOSWA they will explore those benefits.

Gina said he knows that once they get to know about those benefits women will be able to use them to their advantage.

Gina further rubbished reports that there are certain individuals who claim that they are the ones who brought AGOA back. Gina said these so called ‘capitalists’ are the same people who shiver when issues of human rights are discussed.

…USA Ambassador calls for passing of

Sexual Offences, Domestic Violence Bill

US Ambassador Lisa Peterson has urged the newly formed TUCOSWA Women Commi-ttee to advocate for the enactment of the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill (SODV) which she said has languished in Parliament for almost a decade.

Peterson said this during her closing remarks at the TUCOSWA Women Conference held at Caritas Centre yesterday. The Ambassador said the Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence Bill often referred to as the SODV Bill has languished in the halls of Parliament for nearly a decade.

Peterson said some people see the ongoing debate around the SODV Bill as a matter for women’s groups and social organisations, but it is about much more than that. Peterson said in fact, the SODV Bill is sweeping in its reach as it affects men, women and children.

She said it touches on social, family, and economic issues. Peterson added that it speaks to equality, to justice, and to overreaching human rights.

The Ambassador said the SODV Bill is a critical piece of legislation that must be enacted in order to build a more inclusive Swaziland. Peterson informed the throngs of women who had gathered at Caritas Centre that a strong house cannot be built without a strong and balanced foundation. She said similarly, a strong economy cannot be built solely on the work of men. Peterson said until Swaziland recognises that its daughters and mothers deserve the same protections and opportunities as its sons and fathers, the country will continue to limit its own political and economic development.

Speaking about the readmission of Swaziland into AGOA Peterson said the reinstatement of AGOA benefits was born from the commitment and dedication of the workers, managers  and leaders of organisations.

She said AGOA did not return by accident but it returned because of targeted and tireless advocacy by individuals and organisations.

Peterson further pointed out that with the return of AGOA and possible growth in the manufacturing sector, everyone needs to be vigilant about ensuring that the new jobs being created come with fair labour conditions and safe work places. Peterson shared the story of three women in American history who played a huge role in the recognition of women’s right in America and urged women of TUCOSWA that they do not only have a right but they also have a duty as leaders to fight  for policies that are important to their organisations’ members. Peterson further submitted to TUCOSWA that the SODV Bill is a critical issue that deserves serious attention. “all of you would be welcome allies in the effort to pass the SODV Bill. Your voices could be the last bit of pressure that is needed to bring the law into effect and usher in a brighter future for Swaziland” Peterson urged the TUCOSWA Women Co-mmittee. Peterson further pleaded with the committee to continue advocating for a future where all Swaziland’s women are safe in their workplace, on the street, and in their homes.

Membership of the new


TUCOSWA Women’s Committee


Position                                Name                                    Union


Chairperson                       Mango Bongiwe                               SNAT


Vice Chairperson                              Ndlovu Bawinile                               NAPSAWU


Second Vice Chairperson              Dlamini Queeneth                           SAPWU


Secretary General                           Kunene Menzi                  NAPSAWU


Vice Secretary                   Mbingo Nonhlanhla                        SWATCAWU


Treasurer                            Mavuso Ruth                     NAWUSHI


Organising Secretary      Magagula Girlie                                 SNAT


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