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By Simon Shabangu | 2018-01-13

 John Phillip School of Music Director Phillip Fakudze has noted that training children in music at a tender age enhances their academic performance.

He said as a musician himself and a music teacher he has observed that children who start music from a tender age tend to become the best in their lessons in school. He said studies also show that that music training improves a child’s brain function.

 His research has proved that playing a musical instrument makes a child smarter. New research suggests that regularly playing an instrument changes the shape and power of the brain. The studies show that music can even increase IQ by seven points in both children and adults.

Fakudze said his music school is now open for registration and urged parents to consider music as an extra-curricular subject for their children if they want them to grow and mature well and also perform well in their subjects.

He said they offer a variety of music instrument training from the piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums and even do voice training.

“We take children from the ages of five years up to adults. The good thing about enrolling a child into music classes is that it improves the child’s IQ significantly and also helps the child to improve the memory. Each time they learn something they have to memorise and be able to remember it over a long period of time. This has a positive impact on the child’s performance in class because when it comes to lessons it becomes even easier for the child. If the child is  average in class after three months of learning music the child will get to be among the top performing pupils because music helps the child  to think fast” he said.

Fakudze added “We also offer full children’s music programme and music theory lessons which are good for the brain development of a child. They also become very interesting and mind opening to the young ones. I will like to invite parents to contact us and make arrangements for their children to do either after school or weekend music training”.

He said they have started registration for the first term which takes three months. Fakudze added that they have also expanded their operations as they now hire out sound systems and also offer practicing space for musicians and groups. He said they now have enough space to take a rehearsal session for a group with full sets of musical instruments which they can use during the rehearsal sessions.


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